Chapter ocho

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"Honey Shawn. Come here. The sweet old lady wants to know how far along I am." I said innocently.

The sweet lady looked at me and smiled. I just put a finger on my lips and smiled back.

The attendant pushed Shawn away and stomped towards the kitchen compartment.

"Nikki why do you have to ruin my fun?"

"Payback is b*tch, my dear friend... Payback is a b*tch."


I lost track of how many hours we've been in this sardine can that is the airplane. Yes you heard me a sardine can. It even smells like one. Behind my seat is an annoying women who keeps saying omg this omg that. I just want to turn around and shove my foot where her mouth hole is. But no Shawn said I had to behave.

Did I tell you I forgot my sleeping pills? So that means I can't end this torture like wanted too.

Before you go thinking I'm suicidal I didn't mean it that way. I meant end it like falling asleep and not having to listen the nasal voice of the Barbie next door.

"Omg like did you see the like him!"... "Yeah like I was like sure tots-"

Take deep breathes Nikki...

"He was like you like megs beaut-"

1... Breathe in

"Like that pink was like tots my color-"

2... Breathe out


3... Breathe in

"She like got so mad so she like-"

"SHUT UP!" I yelled turning behind me. She measly rolled her eyes and stood up.

As she walked towards the bar place of the plane she said to her friend, "Sorry but some rude b*tch just interrupted me like tots so- "

"Oh I'll show you how of a b!tch I can be..." I was about to stand up when Shawn decided to ruin my fun.

He grabbed my hand and made me sit down.

"Let go I gonna show her who's boss!" I thrashed.

"Shush child I'll buy you ice cream later on." He retorted in a wise old granny voice.

"Fine master..." I state following his lead as we saw a kid about 8 years old walk by.

"NOO we went too ...innocent this time..." Shawn whines.

"So." I yawn.

"So we didn't ruin his innocent mind!"

"By 'we' you mean you...Right?"



Right after we arrived from the airport we went directly to the hotel which conveniently belonged to Shawn.

"I called dibs on the biggest room!" I screamed.

"What no I'm the owner of this hotel which means I get the biggest room, I'm a big boy I need my space."

"By space do you mean a big bed where you can do the dirty with your big blonde fat boobed bimbos."

"Exactly wait what no.!"

He thought he could outsmart me but guess what dude I'm smarter than you. I ran into the biggest room in the suite I could find and jumped on the bed cuddling with a soft pillow which felt like a cloud.

Shawn left to talk to the manager of the hotel and sort some things out for an event happening here next week. I decided to go to sleep before he came back and decided to throw me into the Jacuzzi next-door.


Shawns POV

Nikki was like a little sister to me. Even though she acts childish most of the time, she is a big softy at heart. She reminds me a lot of a child before Christmas waiting for Christmas Day so she could open the presents Santa Claus left behind.

"Mr. Placencio how are you. I'm so glad you can make it, we've been waiting for you are arrival."

"Nice to see you too Mr. Nixon. How's the family been? Are you taking time off like I told you Jeremy. Remember you're not as young as you used to be. You need to spend some quality time with your grandkids and take them fishing. Teach them to be patient because it's a quality they'll need."

"Oh Shawn you sound like my wife. But you're right I need to have more vacation. My grandchildren are growing up so fast last time I saw little Mickey she was about this tall now she's almost over my shoulder they grow up so fast. It almost seems they have a secret agenda that need to get to."

"Yes it does."

"How are things working around here? Are there any problems I need to know about or is it everything running smoothly?"

"You worry too much Shawn everything is fine here just like the last time you came and visited."

I was about to say something else to Mr. Nixon but his phone rang interrupting me.

"Excuse me Shawn it's my wife I have to take this I'll see you later take care." He said while waving and walking away.

Mr. Nixon looks scary but he is a really good guy. He is the manager I appointed for this hotel because he knows how to work with all types of people and can handle himself in any kind of situation.

I walked down the hall back towards my suit thinking about Mia.

Mia was my lover for a short time before Rachel an old clingy fling ruined it all. She decided to break into my room and get inside my bed while I was taking a shower. Mia showed up and wrongly  interpreted things. I tried to explain things but she fled and fell off the face of the earth.

I've been trying to locate her but she is a very good hider, but not for long darling.

I sighed and opened the door.

Nikki was curled up in the middle of the bed sleeping. Guess she'll get her way for now.









So how'd you guys feel about this chapter. I got the feels for this chapter. Ivy survived, but she's a vamp now. Sorry tvd is on my mind today.





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