Not over

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Billie's P.O.V:

Oh god he makes me feel amazing. I've forgotten how much exactly tho.

"Daddy.. you made me feel better"

Q: "I know.. what'd you expect?"

He mumbled and smirked at me after.


Q: "baby if you keep talking to me like that, you gon get round 2"

I laughed at his response but I got up put my clothes back on.

Q: "Awh why"

Ok. I can't believe I just did that with him, and called him daddy AGAIN. Idk what happened but I'm back.

"Seven.. we need to-"

Q: "come on mamas let's not talk bout that shit. Just.. chill?"

He said while also getting dressed.

But I don't understand why he's ignoring my question.. I just NEED to talk to him. HE needs to talk to me.

"Ok q. Stop."

I'm really serious now and this guy better not step outa line.

Q: "Billie why did you even come if all you wanted to do was what?? TALK?"

What?? All he wants to is fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

"Q we have to have the conversation. Fine. Forget about the past, but we still have to talk about YOUR situation."

Q: "MY situation? I don't have one. I'm here n I'm doing fine"

"Yeah. Making money off drugs. One day, you're not even gonna step back into this house."

I really snapped but it's true. One day, he'll leave to deal, but he won't even end up coming back. Facts of life.

Q: "Bill u need to.. stop worrying about me. You just came over and all I wanna do is chill. With YOU not all upset and worked up."

It's true. I ALSO wanna just chill and just be with him. It's been long. So long. I guess I could just let it go. And I am. But I'll regret it later because there's something he's not telling me. I know it.

Que's P.O.V:

She's pushing it really far. I don't want to hurt her. Plus, everything's basically already out there. Yeah I do drugs n sell em n shit but who doesn't now?? It's normal. I want her to leave all that alone tho and just be with me now. We finally get to be together after all that's happened.

But do we really?


Bill: "okay okay.. I'll forget about it."


"Thanks.. but. Do we really get to be together now? Is it finally over?"

She took a moment.

Bill: "n-no.. Finneas still hasn't forgotten you. And- he still hates the idea of us"

Ugh. I was afraid. Afraid of that answer. But I got it anyways and I wish I hadn't asked!


"Billie we cant keep doing this"

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