Chapter Six...Short

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Chapter Six

Levent’s perspective (I think y’all know the pattern).

Daniela had to go to the office? pfft, it was probably for some perfect attendance award, typical. I rolled my eyes and slouched in my chair as I waited for the bell to ring. When it did my teacher stopped me from leaving. “Levent. I’ve been worried about you.” She stated. “You needed to tell me this why?” I asked raising my eyebrow. She sighed.

“I know your parents work a lot, and they’re not around much, but you’ve been extremely disrespectful, You’re bullying kids!” She complained. I rolled my eyes. “I am not. Get your facts straight before you discriminate, kay?” I stated. I tried to walked out of the room, but she grabbed my wrist. I winced silently.

“Levent? What is wrong with your wrist?” She asked letting go. “Last time I checked my mom didn’t care about me.” I rolled my eyes. Why does she have to try to be some sort of parental figure. I don’t need her. In fact, I didn’t need anybody. I can live my life alone. I walked out of the door, her looking knowing.

She reads some stories and she thinks she knows everything about me. A reason I hated school. Everything sucks.

I walked past the office, noticing Daniela sitting in there, nodding to whatever the principal was saying. I rolled my eyes and walked back into the office. “I’d like to sign myself out.” I said seriously. The principal scolded me. “Levent, you’re only 17. You can’t sign your self out” a secretary person said. “I guess that sucks for you” I said and signed the paper. “See ya.” I said doing a salute. I walked outside of the school doors.

It was pouring rain outside. I loved the rain. It made the world around me feel so dark and different. The beating of the rain hitting the sidewalk made everything okay.

I walked inside my dark, lonely house. I looked around the area before dropping my phone onto the couch and walking back outside, leaning against the front door, letting the rain soak me from head to toe. My hair sticking to my face, I watched the cars pass by on the road.

After what seemed like hours, I saw Daniela walk by. “Where’s your perfect attendance award?” I scoffed at her. She walked over to me. “Levent, Why are you outside in the rain?” She asked. “Cause I am. Do you need another explanation?” I raised my eyebrow. “Perhaps” She said and sat next to me. I rolled my eyes. “Good luck getting one.” I said looking forward.

“Why were you in the office?” I asked after several minutes of silence. “What?” She stalled. “In. The. Office. At. School.” I said slowly like she was a 3 year old learning how to say ‘Gymnasium.’ “I’m not dumb,” She said obviously taking offence from my tone in voice. “Maybe not book dumb, but you don’t know anything about sarcasam” I rolled my eyes. “I do too!” She protested. I chuckled. “Uh huh. You tell yourself that.” I said. She took a deep breath. “Maybe if you didn’t listen to your music full blast, you would have a brain!” She glared. “Jeez, I said sarcasam now insults!” I said pretending to be hurt. “Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll try again.” She said, doing this thinking face.

“No, no. I was kidding. Don’t bust that smart little brain of yours.” I laughed. “I won’t.” She smiled. The rain had finally stopped. “I’m going to go inside. Where are you headed?” I asked. She pointed to the house next door. “Daniela.. Oh yeah! I met your sister Cassey. She seems nice.” I said honestly. It was much easier to talk to her, rather than her sister.

“Yeah, she is. Are you guys friends?” She asked. “I don’t really consider people friends till I know them.” I stated. She looked down. “Oh. Why?” She asked curiously. “Not good with trust, I guess.” I shrugged, standing up stuffing my hands in my pockets after helping her up. “Oh. Me neither.” She said. She started walking backwards to her house. “So I’ll see you around?” She asked. “Guess so!” I smirked and walked into my house. She ran to her house full speed.

I walked up to my room, grabbing my pajama’s. I walked into the bathroom, looking at my face. There was dark bags under my green eyes. I hadn’t been sleeping much lately, Hopefully I’d get some tonight. I changed quickly and took my lip ring out and walked into my room, yawning. I had a tendency to rip the lip ring out while I’m sleeping. I walked to my window, which was some how opened.

I noticed the window across from mine. The curtain had always been closed before. I saw Daniela. She was on her bed looking down at something. Probably homework. She had earbuds in, which were ripped out, when she looked up. Her lips said something i obviously couldn’t hear. She stood up. She was wearing black shorts and a white tank top. My eyes almost popped outta my head. Hey! I might not be like most guys but I am STILL a guy. She grabbed something off her dresser and handed it to the girl who I assumed was Cassey.

I closed my curtains reluctantly and went to bed.

Author's note

Sorry, It's really short I know. I have really bad writers block. I'll make it up sooner or later ;)

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