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They say the kingdom of Aurum fills you with wonder.

Alex Han, prince of said kingdom, would agree wholeheartedly. Except, he likes to say it's not the kind of wonder that's a noun meaning 'awe' or 'admiration'. He'd argue that you're left not in a state of wonder, but wondering.

There's a difference.

If you're in a state of wonder, you're amazed at a sight or in shock as you marvel, dumbfound at what stands before you.  Alex doesn't think his kingdom has that effect on people. Aurum just makes you wonder.

For example, an average person would wonder how such a grand kingdom stays hidden from modern society, like a fairytale never meant to be read, or a folktale never meant to be told.

Or they might wonder how a kingdom that appears cursed with a never ending dusk, a permanent golden glow in the streets and cotton candy sky, still manages a distinct night and day.

See the difference? You are wondering. Not in a state of wonder.

At Alex's eighteenth birthday ball, a guest would wonder where the hell Alex is, because he's somehow managed to disappear from his own party.

But if you just so happen to be Alex, you're wondering why at you're own birthday ball you're committing treason by straddling the lap of an enemy prince, adorned in a lavish gown and wig, tongue down his throat like it's the end of the world in a coat closet.

And, hopefully, you're wondering how it all happened.


A few important things:

1) this is basically a Cinderella trope story...except I made Cinderella a cross dressing prince. yes, it's gay. sorry if you thought it was something else

2) sexual content and explicit language present

3) i love classical music and i'll try to incorporate it whenever i can. so, if you desire, swipe right at top for some snazzy tunes.

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