72: Hiking and Feelings

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"It's hike time, baby!" Scott exclaimed, tying his sneaker laces before meeting Mitch by the entrance to the forest they were planning to hike through. "You ready?"
Mitch nodded, tying his hair back into a bun. "I'm so excited for the view! It's a two hour hike to the top, think you can handle that, old man?"
Scott rolled his eyes, "You're the one to talk, you get winded from climbing the stairs,"
"Didn't you just complain about the walk from the car to the park entrance?"
"Touché." Mitch laughed and Scott wrapped his arms around his boyfriend. "You ready to go in?"
"Mhm." Mitch reached for his bottle of water and clipped it onto the backpack on Scott's back. "You sure you don't want me to carry the bag?"
"Positive," Scott ruffled his own messy hair before putting on a baseball cap Wesley bought him a few months before hand. It had a cartoon character on the front and it was obviously meant for a child, but Wesley insisted his dad get a matching hat to his, and Scott wasn't about to deny something he found beyond adorable.
Scott followed Mitch up the trail and the two kept casual conversation along the way until they eventually made it to the top of the mountain and found an empty picnic table to sit at.
"Look at that view!" Mitch sighed, admiring the water ahead of them. "Kirstie would love this,"
"I know right? I was just thinking about the trip she and Kevin took a while back. It was to Seattle I think— Kirstie took so many photos of the scenery and the city."
Mitch nodded, "Speaking of Kevin, have you told him?"
"About what?" Scott reached for the packed lunch they brought for the hike.
"Kirstie being pregnant with Ben's new baby. I haven't heard from Kevin in a while, so I figured he knew and needed some time to himself,"
Scott shook his head, "no, I haven't told him. I think Kirstie is going to when we come back. God, I wonder what he's going to say?"
Mitch frowned, "he's going to be so sad. He still loves her,"
"He really does. But he made his choice to leave her. He can't pick and choose when he wants to be her boyfriend and when he doesn't. It's not fair to her, and this is just something he has to live with,"
Mitch raised a skeptical eyebrow, "that's very adult of you to say, Scott. But why do you sound mad about the situation? Kevin is your best friend,"
"He is," Scott nodded. "But he fucked up. He lost a good thing and now he has to be an adult and handle it like one. I love him, but he's an idiot for leaving Kirstie, and then expecting her to come back to him, months later."

"Can I ask you something?"
Scott looked up, setting his laptop to the side as Mitch sat on his lap. "What's up, Handsome? Look at that cute little sunburn you have on your nose!" Scott gushed and cupped Mitch's cheeks, pursing his lips together and earning an eye roll from the brunette. "So cute! And your freckles! Oh my god, you are so fucking cute,"
"You're annoying," Mitch mumbled, causing Scott to grin and kiss his pouting lips.
"So cute." Scott rested his hands on Mitch's knee, "What did you want to ask me? Everything okay?"
"Yeah, I just— earlier, when you got upset about Kevin and Kirstie,"
"Why did you react the way you did? Like, you were a little defense of Kirstie and I just— I don't know. It surprised me,"
Scott's eyes widened slightly. "Oh. I didn't realize I reacted weirdly. I guess I got so defense because she's like my little sister now. Like, I totally get what it's like suddenly being a new parent. I understand how nerve wracking and terrifying it is at first, and I guess I worried about her feeling alone or scared. I know how close you guys are, so I wanted to make sure she knew we were there for her,"
"I know you think there's something going on between Kirstie and I,"
"I do not."
"You're a really bad liar,"
"I'm serious," he chuckled. "Your nose crinkles in a really cute way when you lie. Wesley literally does the same thing when he lies. But seriously, baby, I really do not have feelings for her." Mitch looked down at him, Scott's blue eyes practically shining as the blonde gave his boyfriend a bright, reassuring smile. "I promise."
Mitch pressed his lips into a thin line, moving from Scott's lap as he ran a hand through his brown hair and shook his head. "Scott,"
"What? Do you— wait, you're serious? You seriously think I'm cheating on you with Kirstie, because I took her side and not Kevin's?"
"No, I just— no. No,"
"Then why bring it up? You're acting like I'm the type to cheat on the literal love of my life. I-"
"Will you just shut up for one second?" Scott jumped, his eyes wide at Mitch's sudden snap. "Scott— I just.. I just need you to be honest with me."
"When am I not honest with you? What the fuck are you talking about, Mitch?"


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