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3.17 Day Ten: Lizzie

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Again, Parker's tarantula legs bobbed underneath her kitchen table. Starting in her hands, her head slowly slipped farther and farther down until she laid her cheek on her forearm. Her hair was in a mess as her messy bun slumped in defeat too. She just stared at her math homework like it was speaking Spanish and I stared at Parker because... well, I've just picked up a new hobby of staring at my girlfriend.

I had never realized how often Parker changed expression, how well she could manipulate her eyebrows and quirk her soft pink lips. I didn't want to miss a single second.

Her brother Hayden and I locked eyes for just a second and I jumped, dropping my attention back to my Chemistry homework (even though I wanted to work on a different kind of chemistry). We settled on doing homework at Parker's house because if Parker came to my house, I was worried that my parents would take one look at Parker and I and just see right through us and just know we've been making out every single day since we kissed the first time.

Apparently, I was getting good.

"Quit it." I bumped Parker's leg with my foot.

"I'm not doing anything," Parker insisted and kicked back.

My competitive nature flared up in me and I retaliated, shoving her knee. That finally perked Parker up, bursting with a new energy. A devilish glint sparkled in her eyes as she slapped my leg with her foot dressed in a fuzzy pink sock. I struck back and suddenly underneath the table, there were two challengers, two pairs of feet went in, but only one pair would come out. Parker's knee slammed the top of the table and she unleashed a scream of anguish. She crumbled, sliding off her chair and I couldn't stop laughing long enough to help her live.

Hayden muttered. "I'm not caffeinated enough for this."

He got up from the table and away from us as if being weird was as contagious as chickenpox. Starting a pot of coffee, Hayden became my favorite Parker in the family while Ashley Marie rolled across the floor moaning about unfair things from her knee to her homework and the price of Hamilton tickets. Jumping up, I walked over to kneel beside my wounded girlfriend.

I patted her head and said, "There, there."

"Life's just so unfair." Parker faked a sniffle.

"I know."

"Did you know if I just touch the smallest part of my face, I'll end up with an army of pimples?"

"I didn't, but now I do."

"I found a leather jacket once at Goodwill that was perfect for me, but when I went back for it the next day, it was gone."

"You can't walk away from anything in Goodwill."

My phone buzzed as Parker kept rambling. "I want a leather jacket. I don't want diamonds or flowers. I just wanna cool leather jacket."

"That's gay," I said.

"It'll become significantly less cool when you wear it," Hayden said.

On my phone, a text from Camille popped up:

CAMILLE: [Hey! We haven't hung out lately. What are you guys doing today?]

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