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(y/n pov)

"Daddy's almost done, hold on, baby," You told the little girl in your lap. She looked up at you and nodded and the two of you waited patiently.

"Wooo!" You head a yell come from just outside and you mentally groaned. "HI GUYS!" He yelled to the nurses and doctors in the room.

Bailey looked up at you and you sighed. She grabbed onto your collar and pressed herself into you, a little scared. "Daddy?" She whispered to you, pointing at the man in the bed. You nodded, placing a kiss on her forehead.

You stood up and sat her on the chair you were sitting on and made your way over to Grayson. He looked over at you. "Y/N!" He yelled. You clamped a hand over his mouth to shush him and gave him a small smile. He mumbled against your palm.

"Shh, baby," You whispered. You looked over at Bailey, watching you intently. "How're you feeling?" You asked him. He nodded.

"Fucking AWESOME!" You winced. He grinned at you. "I got a tear, babe," He told you, pointing to his eye. You wiped it for him and he smiled.

"You can't curse, baby," You whispered to him. He looked up at you confused. He frowned. "Bailey's here, remember?" His eyes widened.

"Princess?" He asked in the same way Bailey had asked for him earlier. You nodded with a smile. His eyes lit up as he scanned the room. "BAILEY!" He yelled.

The three-year-old gave him a smile and reached out her arms, unaware that he couldn't come to pick her up. Neither did Grayson apparently, as he tried to get up to go get her. You pushed him back down slowly and he frowned. "I'll get her, lay down, baby," You told him. He groaned and yelled as Ethan tried to poke him. "Calm down, Gray," You told him as you brought Bailey over. He nodded quickly.

"Hi!" He said to her. She giggled and pointed at him, looking at you.

"Daddy sleepy!" She said. You smiled and laughed. Grayson looked at her.

"Daddy's perfectly fine, what's she talking about?" He asked you. You laughed and shook your head. Grayson opened his arms and you winced as you heard Ethan throw the can of apple juice on the floor. "Give me my princess," He wailed. You sighed and nodded, carefully sitting Bailey on Grayson's chest.

He looked up at her and she placed her hands on his cheek, quickly pulling them back. She looked up at you and you raised your eyebrows. "Band-aid?" She asked you, pointing to his nose. You nodded.

"It's like a band-aid, yeah," You told her, fixing the bow in her hair. She touched the plater on Grayson's cheek and pulled away, tears in her eyes. "Hey, what's wrong, baby?" You asked.

She sniffled and pointed at Grayson, who was now beyond confused. "Daddy got a boo boo," She cried. You shook your head, pulling her off of him. "Daddy hurt?" She asked. You shook your head.

"The doctor fixed da-" But you were cut off from telling Bailey what happened when Grayson started yelling.

"Yo doctor, dude!" He yelled. You put a hand on his shoulder to calm him down. A nurse walked over, looking at you confused. "This thing gotta come off man," He told her, pointing to the plaster on his face.

The nurse looked up at you. "That can't come off, you nee-" He cut her off.

"My daughter doesn't like it, take it off!" He demanded. You sighed and told the nurse it was okay. She walked away smiling and Grayson yelled after her.

"Relax bro," Ethan mumbled from his bed. You smiled and stroked Grayson's hair with one hand.

"It's okay, Grayson, she's just worried," You told him, referring to Bailey. You smiled as he pointed at his eyes. You leaned over to wipe away another tear.

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