Chapter 8- The First Night ❤️

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They all left me alone, in my room

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They all left me alone, in my room. Its so big and I love it. My big double bed is covers in a grey and white bedding. Once side of my room has got mirrors on it and inside has got my closet, however it is empty because I have no clothes. Aside from a hoddie, from my best friends Billy and some leggings which I was wearing. On the other side was a door to my on suite bathroom with a dresser and the door out of my room, I had a fluffy carper on the floor and the foot of my bed and a window at the head of my bed. My bathroom has a huge open shower and two sinks with mirror on top, the toliet was opposite and I had a bathroom carpet on the floor and some cupboard for my stuff. I love my new room and it's perfect. I was very thankful, because when I was with my mum I had nothing like that. But I was happy and thankful for very thing I had. I missed my mum so much, and I just left. But if she was here, she would want me to be happy and live my life, so just for her, I'm going to do that! I hear a knock on my door, and go over to open it. Emmet comes in and sees that my tears in my eyes and my under eyes, which are tears stains. He hugs me and I hug him back. I don't think he even has to ask what's wrong, so I don't say it. We break the hug and he kissed my forehead.

"Dad said dinner is done, come on ill take you so you don't get lost!" He says as he turns to go out of the door. I stop and put my hands up.
"Piggy back!" I says as he laughs.
"Of course princess!" He says to me as I climg onto his back. I climb onto his 5'9 figure and me at my 5'4 figure. I'm small and all my brothers and step-brother are so tall, it's annoying sometimes. We go out of the door and Lean sees us. He just laughs and walks with us, eventually we have Jake, Jack, Dylan and Mike walking with us. I laugh as we reach the kitchen. Dad looks up and just laughs at us as Emmet puts me down. I'm sat in between Collin and Danny. We eat all of the food while talking and laughing.
"So Rose what do you do for fun?" Lydia, my step mum asks. Everyone looks at me. I take a sip of my drink.
"I do dance!" I say as I look at her. She nods and smiles at me. She seems Reay nice, but she will never be my mum. And I will never forget mum. Never. After dinner we a sat down in the living room and we decided to watch a movie, we needed one suitable for a ten year old so we choose Alvin and the chipmunks. We ended up eating popcorn and some ice cream and just enjoying the movie. At about half ten I decide to go to bed. I say my nights and give my dad a kiss on the cheek, to be nice and walk upstairs. Once I hit the fluffy pillow I my eyes start to close. I let sleep consume me
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