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Thor lead Percy to his new room. He told him to get comfortable and take a nap or something but he dind't want to. He was angry, he wanted to train.  He expressed this out loud and Thor basically pleaded him for a sword-fight. Of course, he agreed.

(A/N I'll design my own Avenger tower)

They went to a big training room some floors down of the one with all the rooms. It was huge, loaded with anything you would need to practice any sport you could think of. Imagine a gym, now multiply it over 100. You're still not even close to understand the size of the place.

The two men approached a wall with hundreds of swords from which Thor chose one. Percy just took riptide out of his pocket, waiting for the fight. They went to an empty space and prepared themselves. The god looked like a little kid in Christmas, it made Percy laugh. Was he really that famous?

He knew there were cameras in the place so he faced the wall to cover how his sword turned into an amazing bronze sword, ready for any opponent. Thor almost fainted.

Both of them got ready, looking at each other and analizing their posture, their weak points, their experience. Percy was the first one to attack, his moves too fast to follow, but Thor somehow blocked the blow. In response, he tried to hit his side. Percy dodged, moving to the left and raising his sword in defense, waiting paitently for another attack. The god wasn't exactly bad, but it was obvious that he wasn't used to swords. Percy was contaning himself so he didn't hurt the other too much. Then he gave up, he didn't like restraining himself, least if he had riptide in his hands and an immortal opponent. 

Thor must have seen the look in his face before the younger one sent another blow because he muttered something that sounded suspisciously like "I'm doomed".

The blow was directed to a weak point Percy had easily spotted. It wasn't too large but enough for him. He hitted the god with the blade in the hip, rapidly turning his sword to Thor's shoulder as he lowered his weapon to defend his hips. But Percy had hit him there what felt like a year ago, as his ADHD slowed everything and made him deadly precise. He managed to hit his target with the hilt and at the same time he turned down the blade to defend his otherwise vulnerable ribcage. 

Thor almost fell backwards for the strenght of the hit, but he was a god, he was strong too. He tried to slash Percy's chest. Key word: tried. It was easy for him to turn riptide a little to the right to avoid being cut in half.  Thor raised his sword above his head to add strenght to a blow in the waist that would knock anyone. But again, this was Percy Jackson. What a mistake it was to leave his whole body defenseless for more than half a second. The younger one hitted the god with the blade in his left leg, careful not to make a big cut, just enough to desconcentrate the god and make his blow fail to hit its target. It did, leaving once again an uncovered spot in his sholder as the sword went down. You could see in Thor's face that he knew he had been beaten, the last blow he sent couldn't be stopped fast enough to protect himself. Dam gravity I guess.  

Percy hit Thor's shoulder, sending him to the side as he uselessly tried to raise his sword and attack. He tried to slash Percy's neck blindly while the world turned around him. Percy easily ducked and hit the side of the god's right knee with the flat part of the blade, sending him straight to the floor. He turned, trying to get up, but in less than a second he already had riptide centimeters away from his neck.


"Yield" both smiled. It had been a good fight for both even if it had lasted less than 5 minutes. Thor had fought with the hero he admired, Percy had almost forgotten about the new prophecy. Almost. 

"What the hell was that?" Percy flinched at the mention of the word 'hell' but the spectators were too busy trying to register the fight they had just seen to notice it. Percy took riptide out of Thor's neck, leaving it in the floor. It would soon appear in his pocket again in pen form. He stood up, offering the god on the floor a hand. He took it, grateful, and stood beside Percy. They were just a little agitated, clearly not as much as the people watching thought they would be. 

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