Chapter 13

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Me, Crackers, William and Alex were set up in a room all together. I'd think its weird be-
"WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THE HOUSE BURNT DOWN?!" We all looked at eachother
"You are as deaf as you are blind", Alex said to him. He stared back at Alex like wtf. I really didn't wanna be in the same room with Alex at the same time
"Person" Alex corrected, he stared at them, sweating
"Okay...but answer me, where wer-"
"Zoe spikes the drinks" Crackers claimed
"No that's not- ugh! When did you leave the scene!?"
"ZOE YOU DRINKING MOTHERFUCKER!!!" I yelled, he hit his head gently with his hand, then looked at us
"Okay- do you know who did it?" We all looked at eachother
"Williammmm" Alex finger gunned at Crackers
"Williammmmmm" Crackers then finger gunned at me
"Williammmmmmmm" I finger gunned at the actual William. William just looked at us like seriously. We all started laughing like crackheads
"Just- leave the room" the investigator told us to. Alex, Crackers and William left the room. The investigator looked at me confused
"Milo- what?" I just stood there looking at the investigator
"Felix, you seem to always find your way back to me" I told him. He looked at me
"Maybe that's because I want you back" He looked down. I looked away.
"Felix it's be-" he kisses me all a sudden. I blushed for a moment taking in the kiss. Then I stopped it, pushing him away
"Remember when it was just us? I want you milo-", I shook my head
"I told you I just want to be friends. Best friends" his blue eyes looked at me. I remembered how much I loved him. His personality, his beautiful features.
"Felix...." he grabbed my hands
"Milo! I wanna be yours again" I shopped my head, looking kinda disgusted. I pushed him away
"Goodbye Felix.." I left the room quickly. Looking at Crackers who was walking around in circles in the hallway looking at her phone
"Crackers..." she looked up at me, "where's William and Alex..?" I asked. Crackers shrugged
"They didn't tell me, they just walked off, why?" I stared at Crackers giving her the look of seriously, we need to find them. She realised what I meant from the face, her eyes widening.

We ran out of the station, looking around the car park. Not finding the two. William came out of the car we used to get there. He looked at us, making a come over sign with his hands. We walked over there
"William, where's Alex?" I asked him directly. He smiled
"They decided to go on a little walk. They wanted to walk home." He answered me, I looked at him
"Their house is far from here..why would the-.....never mind..."
"Now, let's drive crackers home and then go to your house Milo~" he winked at me. We got into the car.

We all sat down. I kinda smelt the scent of blood but I wasn't sure
"William...Milo? Why do I smell the thick scent of blood.." I looked at ja- crackers
"I smell it too.." I looked at William. He laughed though
"Okay, you found me out.." he smirked
"What'd you d-"
"Oh look a dead body!" Crackers shouted looking behind in the boot of the car, "but what also sucks is that it's Alex's dead body, which makes me sad" I looked at William
"WILLIAM!!" I yelled at William, "I TOLD YOU NOT TO KILL ANYONE!!!" He shrugged, continuing to drive. Crackers just sighed. I kept on yelling at William why he would
"SHUT UP MILO!" William yelled at me. I went into shock. I felt scared now, "seriously Milo you complain about this shit-" I started shouting Mary had a little lamb while he shouted at me. Crackers sat in the back
"Young love.." she had her arms crossed. William parked at Crackers house. Crackers quickly ran out of the car and into her house. I sat there in the car. I felt like the smaller and weaker person. What if he tried killing me? What if he killed everyone I've loved?
"Milo" I looked outside the window, ignoring him, "I'm sorry, Okay?" I still ignored him. Starting to weep. He went quiet, starting to drive again on the road.
"Milo I know you didn't like what I did, but I thought it was best. Plus, Alex gets to end up with kitty when they died which will make them happy. I want your life to be happy and not have assholes hurting you" I stayed silent for a moment
"Well your one of....wait what'd you do to kitty?" I looked at him, wiping tears from my eyes. He sat their quiet. I went silent looking out the window again, "Jesus Christ....why would I date you? Out of all the people, it's William Asshole"
"It's Afton, Milo..." I looked at him
"I don't care! You killed my best friend and my ex best friend!! They didn't deserve to be killed!!" I yelled at him. He looked at me
"They were being dickheads to you Milo!!! I have my reasons!!!" He yelled back. He paused from driving the car at a stop light. He looked at me and kissed me deeply. My eyes went wide, then I closed then, tearing up again, then finally kissed him back. He started to intertwine our tongues in the kiss, kissing deeper and faster. The car behind us beeped, signing us to start driving again, I flustered up, letting go of the kiss and him too, he looked at the road again and started to drive. Why do I allow this to happen. I keep falling back in love with this dude. And I can't stop it.

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