Part 28

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Riya who was afraid and also mad, was completely silenced. Both of her hands were in fists.

Mr. Vangelia turn to look at his younger daughter who looked like she could break apart if someone gently touched her.

He noticed there were also dried tears in her eyes and her bruised wrist. His eyes darkened and took light steps towards Eve.

I looked at my bruised wrist.


I hear light steps coming towards me and I took a peek and saw how darkened my father's eyes were. His aura too.

Afraid of dying, I quickly looked back to my wrist. His footsteps stop in front of me and crouched down at my level.

Huuwuuu~ please don't kill me!!!

His hands who were surprisingly gentle, took my hands and looked at my wrist. His thumb gently caressing the bruised wrist.

Huh? He's not killing me? Bruh! Whatcha doing with ma ha—

"Does it hurt?" His deep, scary voice with a hint of gentleness, shook me and I quickly look up at him.

His eyes were gentle and warm. angel...

Tears came into my eyes and nodded.

"Eve is in pain..." I muttered as I looked down to hold in my tears.

As I was doing that, his heart clenched in pain as he saw Eve's tears building up and hiding it.

His anger started to build up as he thought of the culprit. He gently let go of her hand and stood up.

Once he stood up, his aura was filled with hatred.

And it was all—pft—towards Riya. He turns around and glared at the scared girl.

(AN: Sorry, I just wanna laugh at that part, I somehow found it funny)

Riya who looked like she could collapse at his glaring, took a step back away from them.

Mr. Vangelia took out his phone and dialed a number. The ringing on his phone on last for a second before someone answered.

"Riya Vangelia and her mother will not access on The Vangelia Account." After He said that he ends the call and looks at Riya who's face was filled with fear and shock.

Oho, looks like they won't be able to spend money!!! Hahahahahh! Go daddy! I support you!

Mr. Vangelia turns away in disgust and looks at Eve and his expression turns into gentleness.

Eve was standing on her feet with one of her hands supporting her wrist. He walks towards her and holds her wrist again.

It's swollen. He frowns.

"Jason." He said.

Jason appears out of nowhere and stands right next to him.

"Get a doctor in 10 minutes." He said and gently caress my wrist.

His hand feels warm...

Such a warm hand from such a scary person.

I look up at him and see his eyes filled with warmth. I wonder how Eve would feel if she was here now.

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