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when jisung let go of the hug, i felt so guilty.
i mean, my feelings for jisung never really went away and i guess the same goes for the rest of the boys.

it's just that i like mark more??

the younger boy looked at me with a soft tint of red spread across his cheeks, making my heart almost combust.

'the letter was so sweet miyeon, i never thought you would feel the same way about me!' he said softly, but a little more energetic this time.

i was about to say something, but the bell rang.

'oh, y-you should go to your class..' jisung stuttered before leaving in a rush to get to his class.

jisung was weird, but he was so cute.
i don't know what happened but my heart skipped a beat when he looked at me like that.


i entered class, and naeun immediately ran up to me.

'miyeon!' she said, almost yelling.

'naeun can you like, calm down.' i chuckled before walking to my seat

naeun was talking to me, but i didn't pay any attention to her as i saw the one and only mark lee sitting at the very back of the class.

he was the only one who hasn't confronted me yet, maybe he didn't read the letter?

i didn't realize i was staring at him until he looked up and gave me an unexplainable look before returning to what he was doing.

mark was one of my close friends, but i haven't heard of him since hyejin sent out those letters.

i started jumping to conclusions and thinking of the worst things that could happen in a situation like this, until i hear naeun.

'miyeon? are you still listening to me?' she asked while waving her hand in front of my face.

'huh? yeah, sorry.' i apologized earning a sigh from her.

'i saw the mark thingy.' she started.
'i mean the way he looked at you.' naeun explained.

i shrugged my shoulders.

'he didn't even say hi.' she whined as she glanced at the boy.

mark, naeun and i were always very close to each other.
we would always eat lunch together etc.

'do you think it's because of the letter?' i asked her while placing my textbook on the table.

'don't be silly! maybe he just isn't feeling well today.' she comforted before taking her stuff out of her bag aswell.

'yeah well, i hope so.' i sighed, taking one last look at the boy sitting a few rows behind us.

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