What Happened for real ?

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There was a knock at the door and I jumped I've never been this afraid before in my life. Tough, bad ass Roshonda scared never, but this man it was just something creepy about him. Since I saw him that day in the lobby I switched hotel rooms and stayed locked in the room until Cre got here.
"Baby it's me open up"! I heard Cre's voice.
Hurrying to the door I opened it and there he stood. I jumped in his arms and hugged him tight.
"Oh thank God , did you see him"?
"No, where are the boys"? He asked speaking about Dallas and Corey.
"Corey is doing a sweep and Dallas went to get me food".
Cre walked in and closed the door shaking his head and said to me "they left you alone I told them to stay with you until I got here"!
Calming him down I replied "Cre calm down Dallas was here I got hungry and sent him out he just left before you came. You knocked it scared me because Corey and Dallas has room keys.
His phone rings and he picked it up "yo where you at"?
"You see him see him where...."
"By the pool...."
me and Cre went to the balcony and there he was poolside shirtless looking up at my floor. He had on shades but when he saw us he tilted them down and cracked a smile .
Cre uttered from his lips "we move on him tonight".

Got home from school and was extremely exhausted. Rodney followed me home in his words it was to make sure I was safe. The nigga even waited a whole thirty minutes watching my house before driving away. I don't know why, but shit I think I attract only crazy niggas.
As I slept I felt hands going through my hair and soft kisses on my cheeks . Moving my hands around I felt someone beside me making me jump up and as I was about to scream hands cane over my mouth. As my eyes were getting adjusted in the dark I recognized the silhouette it was Dre.
"Don't scream I told you I was coming, now before you turn the lights on make sure your blinds are closed".
I got up and went to close my blinds and curtains before he turned my room light on. When I turned around from the window I saw him sitting on my bed with his sleeping daughter in his hands.
"You got her back"? I said happy for him.
"Yea I did but I did some damage to get her . Rodney aunt and uncle are dead I asked them to hand my baby over they wouldn't so I shot them both. Kiya wasn't home I guess she's with your brother. He hasn't called your phone has he"?
"No he hasn't and Kiya and my brother took the twins to the movies" I said.
"Good look I need you to drive me and Khelani to my hideout spot. The car I was in I had to ditch the neighbors saw me leaving in it .
I went back to the window and cracked it a bit "someone is outside my house". He chuckled "yea I saw that we I broke in through the back and was coming up the stairs . Right now Rodney knows that you were the one that probably tipped me off so they are going to be coming for you so I gotta get you and little mama here somewhere safe until I handle the situation".
I didn't even hesitate. I didn't think about what my parents or brothers would say right now my life was all that matters .
"Okay" I said hurrying to pack a few stuff before hurrying downstairs behind Dre.
It was a three day weekend because of teacher workshop day this coming Monday, so I was good to go until Monday and me missing one day of school tomorrow won't hurt, so once in the car I texted my brother told him I was spending the night over at a friends and then went up to open the garage door.
Backing out and turning going down the road I notice the car that was sitting watching my house had now turned it lights on bright and was following me.
"They're bright lighting me Dre" I said looking up in the rear window.
"To see if someone else is in here with you, but your window are tinted they really can't see to much".
Dre was in the backseat slouched down with his daughter who was in the car seat up front with me.
I heard some movement and something sounding like a clip being put in a gun and I replied "a gun really Dre your daughter is in the front seat".
       "Baby trust me just drive" he said sitting up in the next few seconds the window in the back was rolled down and Dre started shooting. The guys in the car behind us must wasn't carrying any guns because after about five shots I saw the car zig zag in the road and hit a light post.
        Khelani started crying and Dre replied "shit I forgot her bottle in the other whip we gotta make a stop I know my baby hungry".

    Dre had got Khelani calm, but another fifteen miles I pulled over to this gas station.
"Watch her bae I'll be back" he said getting out the car .
While he was in the store I held Khelani she was so calm and content in my arms looking just like Dre. I started to turn on a video for her when my phone rings.
It was my brother Rj, so I answered "hello"?
"Just calling I got your message, some shit just happen and Kiya's parents were found murdered in her home. I'm over at the house right now with her while she talks to the police".
"And the twins"?
"A cop has them occupied right now until Reggie gets here to get them since your at a sleepover".
"Is Kiya okay"? I asked really wanting to know if she was okay , knowing I was with the guy who killed her parents .
          Rj blew off before saying "nah I don't know how to comfort somebody through this I'm waiting on mommy to call me back right now. Man whoever did the shit came right in shot her pop while he was asleep on the couch and her mom as her back was turned in the kitchen. There was some baby stuff there Kiya said there was never a baby there, but I could tell she was lying".
       The story Rj was telling me was different from what Dre said happened.
"Sis what if this girl has a baby and her crazy baby daddy or something did this shit"?
I saw Dre coming back towards the car "I don't know, how about you just ask if it was her baby plus if it was I'm pretty sure she would've been trying to find her baby right ? So maybe it isn't her, but I gotta go we about to start the movie" I lied.
"Alright wish me luck" he said before hanging up.
       Dre got in the car "half their baby shit was out of date I had to curse that fat fuck out for me to even get the good stuff" he said grabbing Khelani out my arms.
"Who was you talking" to he asked.
"My brother" I answered turning in the driver seat to look at him in the backseat.
"What you want me to drive or something"? He asked as he felt me staring at him.
"Dre tell me what you really do"? I said .
He looked at me and then blew off because he now knew that I knew the truth.
"Alright ...."

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