9: Shorebirds (2/3)

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March 27, 2180 (New Era Calendar)/
Antilla System, Alloyo Military Academy, Alloyo

The door hadn't slid shut behind Michan Rolance before he flung his flight gear onto his billet in frustration. A guttural scream escaped him as he closed the distance from the door to his bed.

An amused Izzy Lanceville turned from his studying of his latest sim with a grin on his face.

"There are two things that will make a man react like that. Video games and women. And since I haven't seen you with Kalvyn lately, I'd figure it's the second one. Unless someone else plays video games on this base, in which case I'd be wrong."

Michan sat himself on the edge of his billet and started undoing his boots. He looked up at Izzy and offered his roommate a wry smirk.

"I don't know, man. Savela and Me. It's like we're always getting into arguments. Over nothing!"

Izzy turned away from his desk to face Michan.

"Could've fooled me. Everytime we see you guys, you're always doing that couple thing. Holding hands, making cutesy faces. You know Kalvyn's started a pool for when you pop Savela the question."

The look Michan gave Izzy was half venom, half amusement.

"In all seriousness, Mike, that's normal. When we're not going through one of the Commander's exercises, you guys are together pretty much non-stop. It's bound to happen that you guys get into little spats every now and then."

"You say that like you know from experience."

A sliver of cold traced over Izzy, sending goose bumps up through his skin.

"Maybe I do," Izzy replied worried that his voice inflected some of the pain thinking about her brought. But then he remembered that the hurt he felt was self-inflicted—that he was the one who left her behind on Io. "So what happened?"

"You know that flight tech, the new girl who works under Master Sergeant Kaneda's team on Hammerhead maintenance?"

"The black-haired one?"

"Yeah. That's the one. She—"

Entertained surprise registered on Izzy's face. "No. You didn't. Did you?"

It took Michan a second to realize what Izzy had been insinuating, but when he did, his answer stammered out.

"What? No, man. Get your mind out of the gutter."

Izzy held his hands up in mock arrest before Michan continued, "She comes over to me as I'm jumping down off my Hammerhead asking me about some boring diagnostic stuff. Turns out she just wanted to probe me about information on your sorry ass, Izzy. I tell her some corny joke about how you're a crappy roommate, she starts laughing. I know, I know. She was flirting with me, but whatever. It was just flirting on her end, I swear. I was just being nice. Or at least that's what I told myself. Next thing I know, Savela is tapping her on the shoulder. The girl turns around and I could've sworn Savi was about to kick the living crap outta her."

Izzy interrupted him again, "A catfight would've been kinda cool."

Another cold stare from Michan prompted Izzy's apology.

"Anyway, Miranda—the new tech—tells Savi that she wanted me to introduce her to you but Savi was having none of it. Miranda excused herself without incident, but that just screwed me over, because then I had to explain to Savela that nothing at all was going on. I told her exactly what happened and just when I thought I'd gotten her to understand, she went off on some tangent about commitment. To which I told her that she was the only girl I was seeing. Well apparently that wasn't good enough for her and the ended up ranting about all the problems with our relationship—which isn't at all as bad as she made it out to be. At that point I just walked away."

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