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As promised, I would like to give some help for anxiety attacks in here today.

If you haven't read my post on help with panic attacks in here, be sure to go read it as well.


So, what is an anxiety attack?

An anxiety attack is an intense and/or extended period of anxiety. It is more severe than the simple feeling of anxiety but less severe than a panic attack. It can last anywhere from minutes to hours, even days and weeks.


Anxiety attack symptoms include:

🌙· being easily startled

· 🌙dizziness

🌙· fear

🌙· irritability

🌙· loss of concentration

·🌙 muscle pain

·🌙 numbness or tingling in the extremities

·🌙 restlessness

·🌙 shortness of breath

·🌙 sleep disturbances

·🌙 the feeling of being choked or smothered

·🌙 worry and distress

·🌙 Surge of overwhelming panic

·🌙 Feeling of losing control or going crazy

·🌙 Heart palpitations or chest pain

·🌙 Feeling like you're going to pass out

·🌙 Trouble breathing or choking sensation

·🌙 Hyperventilation

·🌙 Hot flashes or chills

·🌙 Trembling or shaking

·🌙 Nausea or stomach cramps

·🌙 Feeling detached or unreal


Anxiety symptoms often last longer than the symptoms of a panic attack. They may persist for days, weeks, or months.

Unlike panic attacks, anxiety attacks are not necessarily signs of an anxiety disorder. Anxiety is a natural response to certain stimuli or situations, and anxiety attacks are only more intense forms of that emotion.



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