Chapter 14

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I'm gonna start writing stuff in the beginning because I feel like you guys don't read anything that I have to say at the end. So, first off thanks for all the reads guys!! It really means a lot to me. Btw sorry for the sort of late update, school is really getting annoying. Seriously, there's too much un-necessary drama in the 8th grade, lol. 3 comments for the next chapter??

(The pic is Madeline the next chapter will have Ryan)

<3 Terrilynn

Ashlynn's POV

Glenn held me tight, while Carol tended to my mother. Tears stained my face.I knew something bad would end up happening. She shouldn't have went.

"Ashlynn!" Someone yells. I lift my head up, and push Glenn out of the way. I get out of my seat and run to the source of the scream.

"Hurry up! Its your mother! Ashlynn?!" I run faster, finally making it to the small hotel room my mother was being kept in. My mother laid there, her body limp and her chest no longer rising and falling. I covered my mouth and a took a deep breath.

"Oh my gosh. Mom... Mom, please." I got down on my knees, putting my hand on her pale face. Her cold skin made me flinch. A simple tear on my cheek turned into loud sobs. When I thought everything was going to be okay, she dies.

I could hear Daryl cursing under his breath behind me. Everyone leaves except Daryl. He crouches down beside me and pulls me into his arms. "Are ya okay?" He whispers into my ear. I continue to stare at my mother and shake my head.

I hear two pairs of feet walk into the room. "It's your brother and sister." Daryl says, and gets up allowing the three of us to have some time alone before she turns. The twins sit on both sides of me, Madeline on my right and Ryan on my left.

I pull them in closer to me. I kiss their foreheads and wipe a tear from my cheek. "She's in a better place now, she doesn't have to worry about anything anymore." I whisper. Ryan looks at me, "It'll be okay Ash." he says, wrapping his arms around my waist.

I could feel my shirt getting wet. I realize Ryan's crying. I hug him tighter and I feel another small pair of arms wrap around us. Madeline. I close my eyes and block every thing out until I hear the faint moan of my mother start to reanimate. I swallow, grabbing my knife from the side table I had put it on earlier.

I stand up and move towards the bed. "I'm sorry." I whisper, "I love you." I take the knife and put through her temple. I fall backwards onto my back and start to cry. I hear the "clink" of the knife, telling me it had fallen out of my hand. Ryan, sat up against the wall and Madeline sat up against the bed wiping tears off her face.

This was all I had left.


Daryl's POV

I finished burying Michelle and head inside. Ashlynn and the twins stood outside to mourn their loss of family. I sit down in one of the lobby chairs and close my eyes taking a deep breath. I hear more than one person sit down in front of me.

I open my one eye to find Rick and Michonne. I sigh, sitting up straight from my slouched position. They're both smiling like idiots.

"Yes?" I ask. To be honest I really shouldn't be asking, I already know what they're going to say. 

"Did you tell her yet?" Rick asks. I can't tell her, he's done to much damage to her in the past. Telling her, her mother is dead,  one time he even told me to break up with her because "I'm trailer trash", according to him. 

"No, I'll tell 'er but not now. That man has done much to 'er. Plus her mom just died. We gotta let 'er have some time by herself." I reason. They nod and leave the lobby.  

I close my eyes for the second time and drift off to sleep.  


Hope you enjoyed, i realize it's short. Next chapter I promise there will be some possible budding romance you guys came here for!!!!

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