Untitled Part 6

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The lunch break was over and I finished my last lessons. I also made friends with Cayman. Unfortunately the others are all seniors, so I only get to see them in the breaks. 

My last lesson was Spanish. Next to me sat Avani, she is very pretty. We instantly get along. "Did you have joined any extra activities yet?", she asked. 

i shook my head. "If you want you can join the cheerleading squad. Our captain Heather feel and now we need a fill in." "Oh I would like to join, but I don't have any experience, sorry." She began to lightly shake me: "Come on Jorge. You already have a good posture and the cheering you learn easily. Please please." 

I rolled my eyes playfully: "Fine, fine. I will try out." She smiled: "Great, tomorrow after school. I'll sent you the choreography. No worries it's easy."

What have I gotten myself into? I sat in mine/ Benji's bed watching the video over and over again. Benji had to stay longer because of his ice hockey practice. So I used the time to unpack my suitcase and now practice my dancing. 

But it felt unless. The choreo wasn't even that difficult, just a lot of hip swings. The thing is I did not felt as cute or sexy as Avani in the video. Maybe it would help to change first. 

I looked trough the closet and found an oversized pink sweatshirt, it was properly Benji's but I still put it on. Next I exchanged my jeans for lose black shorts. I pulled the sweatshirt deeper so one can't see the shorts. After admiring myself in the mirror I also put blush, that I stole from my mother, on like Addy. 

Plus turning the volume up the dancing was much easier. I actually enjoyed myself. Till I saw Benji was back, leaning against the doorframe watching me with a smirk. I froze in shock. "No don't stop on my account." 

"How long have you been standing there?" I quickly turned off the music. "Nah I just came home", he said while shoving his backpack off his shoulder under his table, "so that's a thing now?" 

"W-what?" I scrolled trough my phone, doing my best to act normal. "You keep borrowing my things without asking." I flushed: "oh this is your sweater, sorry didn't notice." He seat next to me on the bed: "It's fine. I don't wear it anymore. It's not my color. But I mean your a twink, it suits you."

"Benji?" "Yes?" He looked curiously at me. "That was kind of offensive." He drew his eyebrows together: "so your not...?" "Not what?", I rolled my eyes, "Not what? gay? I am." He cleared his throat: "See? It's not offensive if it is true."

I stand up from the bed and glared angry at him: "You are so small minded. Saying things like that, you don't understand what impact shit like that has on others." "Jorge, I didn't meant to upset you." I cut him off: "But you did."

Angry I stumped out of the room. I got into my sisters room. She was playing dolls with my mother: "Mi amore, come here. We still need someone to play the knight." I smiled and set down between them. My sister hugged me from the side.

She is the cutest thing ever. We played doll house for a while. "Mum?" I said suddenly. "Yes Jorge?" "Is this final?", I didn't explain further what I meant but she understood. "Yes I think so, as long as you kids are happy with it."

I looked at my sister. She had her own dollhouse now. Javi had his own room. Both of them are so happy with it: "Javi and Paula are happy." "And what about you?", my mum asked with a soft smile. When I think about it, I never saw her this happy in her life. "I think I can like it too mum." 

She kissed my cheek happily: "Now go and make peace with Benji." "you heard?" I asked embarrassed. 

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