Chapter 4: The First Battle

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"Stuttgart, Germany, 28 Konigstrasse. He's not exactly hiding."

"Captain, Kaneki, you're up." Fury said looking at the two men. They both walked down a hall into a locker room. Steve's suit was in the center of the room, with Kaneki's one on the left side of it. The Captain's suit was similar to his suit he wore in the war, though it focused more on what the suit represented rather than armour.

Kaneki's was a polar opposite, as it was a black leather with red threading in between some of the leather parts on the shoulders and legs, with two red lines on each side running down from his shoulders towards his waist. There was also a domino mask next to the suit, but he didn't need it.

He brought his own.

Kaneki took a mask out of his satchel. It was the mask he had from his world, the only reminder of what he used to be, besides Touka who reminded him of what he wanted to be. He sat down and stared at the mask, having a entire conversation with himself.

"Something the matter Kaneki?" He wiped his head around to look at Steve, in his new suit, with a concerned face on him. Kaneki glances at the mask one last time.

"Do you think a man has to be what the world wants him to be?" Steve looks at the young man, who was his teammate, with a thoughtful look.

"I think we can all strive to be the best of person we choose to be. It's like an old friend of mine once said, 'You must be a good man.'" Steve smiled as he remembered his friend, "This was before I became Captain America, I was just a scrawny kid who wanted to join the army. This friend of mine chose me to be the super soldier, not because I was the strongest but because I had the biggest heart out of all of them. Kaneki you can be who ever you want me to be and don't care what other people say, you do what you think is right."

Kaneki look up in awe of what this man had just said to him. He gave a quick nod and put his suit on with his mask on, looking as dangerous as he did the last time he put it on. Steve walked out of the locker room with Kaneki when...

"Oh that sounds like fun Kaneki." He wiped his whole body around, eyes wide with a bit of sweat starting to form. No. It couldn't be, he had dealt with this problem long ago. He shook his head and carried on. The two men walked into the quinjet and flew at tremendous speed.

Loki looked at the old man that refused to kneel for him. He gave a little smirk.

"Look to your elder, people. Let him be an example." He pointed his scepter at the man, then a beam of energy shot out of it going, towards the man. Before the beam made impact, a shield intercepted it and repelled it back to Loki. Behind it was Captain America, standing above everyone else.

"You know, last time I was in Germany and saw a man standing above everybody else, we ended up disagreeing." Loki looked at the man in anger.

"The soldier. A man out of time."

"I'm not the one who's out of time." Suddenly flew in behind the Captain, with Kaneki on top of it. He looked down at the crowd and jumped next to Steve.

"Loki, drop the weapon and stand down." Loki blasted an energy beam at the quinjet, which maneuvered out of the way. Steve threw his shield at Loki as Kaneki activated his kagune and dived towards his opponent. Loki evaded the shield and tried to take out Kaneki with a swipe of his scepter, though Kaneki stopped this when he wrapped one of his tentacles around Loki's arm. Steve took this opportunity to land a few punches on him, Loki in turn fired a blast at him and stabbed Kaneki in the heart.

Kaneki fall to the floor, unresponsive, and Loki focused now on the Captain. The two traded a few more blows until Loki swiped Steve's legs and aimed the blade-part of his weapon at the man's head.

"Kneel." He said through his teeth.

"No!" Kaneki launched himself behind Loki, so to get him away from Steve, wrapping his arms around the god's neck.

"Come on Kaneki... take a bite."

No. No. Unable to help himself, Kaneki opened up the zip on his mouth and bit down on Loki's ear. He didn't even hear the man's scream, he had never tasted this flavor of a person before. It was as if he was drinking alcohol again. He wrapped his tentacles around the body and threw him away, knocking his scepter out of his hand.

Then the sound of a rocket came from behind them as a man in a red and gold metal suit landed next to Kaneki. This man was Tony Stark, or better known as Iron Man, billionaire and ex-playboy. He aimed all his weapons at Loki.

"Make your move, Reindeer Games." Loki raised his hands and his armour vanished away.

"Good move." Steve looked at the man in metal suit.

"Mr. Stark."

"Captain." Stark looked at the man with white hair and... a black eye with red iris."And you red eye." Kaneki looked at Tony and then touched his eye. Steve also only noticed this when it was mentioned, he didn't understand how this was possibly.

"You can call me Ghoul." He said, zipping up his zip. He then looked at Loki again,"We should cuff him and get him back to the helicarrier."

The four men walked into the quinjet, Steve also noticed that the wound on Kaneki's chest was completely gone. As the jet flew away, the crowd stared in awe at the fight they had just witnessed.
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