Chapter 4: The First Battle

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Kaneki walked down the metal hallway, trying to find his way to the bridge to talk to Fury about the mission. He was so focused on that objective that he didn't even hear Touka's voice calling for him, even with her being right behind him, but a swift kick from her got his hearing back.

"Ooww! What the hell was that for?" He said, rubbing his cheek like a child.

"That was for not listening to me yelling out your name. Now will you please just talk to me?" Touka said, wearing her stern frown.

"We can't let them know what we are."

"Why not? Fury told us that these people were people we could trust."

"Yeah, that is totally how humans are when they saw what we did for food. Trust me Touka, once they hear the word 'cannibals' they'll want nothing to do with us." Kaneki said, finally finding their way to the bridge, so he thought the conversation was over. But with Touka wanting to have the final say in the matter, mumbled a quick.

"You're wrong."

Kaneki said nothing, even though those words hit him like a ton of bricks. This was the first time they argued about something as a couple.

As the two went into the bridge, they saw many S.H.I.E.L.D agents behind computers working to find the Tessarat. Fury was in the middle of the room with two computers either side of him.

"I take it meeting some of the team went well?" He asked, turning around to face the couple.

"How long is this mission going to be?" Kaneki said, he only wanted to get this over with. "And who are we looking for?"

"His name is Loki, he's not from this world."

"Like us?"

"No he's from our universe, just from another planet. He seems to want to be a king our world." As he finished, Steve, Bruce and Natasha walked into the room. "Gentlemen." Before he could continue, Steve walked up to him and gave 10 bucks to him, it was about a bet they made earlier.Fury walked up to Banner and shook his hand.

"Doctor, thank you for coming."

"Thanks for asking nicely. So, uh... how long am I staying?"

"Once we get our hands on the Tessarat, you're in the clear."

"Where are you with that?" Bruce asked. Fury turned towards Coulson to explain where they were with finding the Tessarat.

"We're sweeping every wireless accessible camera on the planet. Cellphones, laptops. If it's connected to a satellite, it's eyes and ears for us." Coulson said, Natasha mumbled something that sounded like 'not going to find them in time'.

"You have to narrow the field. How many spectrometers do you access to?" Bruce asked, turning to Fury.

"How many are there?" Fury asked, showing just how much power S.H.I.E.L.D had.

"Call every lab you know, tell them to put the spectrometers on the roof and calibrate them for gamma rays. I'll rough out a tracking algorithm based on cluster recognition. At least we could rule out a few places. Do you have somewhere for me to work." Bruce asked, getting straight to business.

"Agent Romanoff, would you show Dr. Banner to his laboratory, please." Natasha nodded, walking down the hall with Bruce following behind her. Kaneki was looking around the bridge, trying to figure out what he must do before they find Loki. Steve was on the side with Coulson signing something, most probably the trading cards.

"We got a hit." An agent said, looking at Fury. "67% match. Wait, cross that, 70%."


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