Chapter 2: Book of the Day

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Library. Jasper, Nevada.

(Cecilia's POV)

I sat on my usual spot in the library. The seat at the back corner next to the windows and surrounded by tall wooden bookshelves. I placed my bag next to the table and traced my fingers across the books on one of the shelves.

I actually came here to do homework but it's due next week so, there's no rush.

As I passed by different books but only one caught my eye.

It was a thick covered book. The cover was a deep purple color and the side of the book was black. The pages looked old and some were torn out from the book or folded.

I plucked it gently from its shelf but froze as some kind of shock passed through me. I shook my head and raised an eyebrow. That left a tingling feeling.

I blew the dust that covered the book and rubbed the middle of the cover. There was a gem stuck in the center of it. There is no title on the book.

I flipped to the next page. I saw the symbols that I've been drawing in my notebook. The rest is in the same condition. I have this feeling that this is important so I took it out to the front desk to check it out.

The librarian told me that she never saw this book before. It must have been in here for a very long time then.

When she opened the book she said that the page was blank. That was odd because I definitely see something there. She told me to take it if I wanted it so badly. It doesn't have any use in the library. I gave her a smile and a nod as I took it.

Now I'm on my way to the park to read this interesting book I just got.

Coincidentally, I passed by the same semi-truck that I saw a few days ago. Along with a black and white sports car. The windows were so dark I couldn't even make out who were the drivers...

I shrugged and carried on walking to one of the picnic tables and sat down to start reading.

~ ~ ~

Entry •••••

The first subject was a failure. I need to get a more stable subject to finalize this experiment.

I have attempted numerous times with both grounders and fliers. I maintained the power levels below 40 percent. However, the results are yet the same.

I will have to perform more research on this. I have a mission to fulfill.

~ ~ ~


That was interesting.

The entry wasn't signed and it didn't say what date it was made.

As I read this, I felt something around my neck. I reached up a hand to brush it and found that there was some type of necklace. There was a crystal hanging from it. The exact same one from the book cover.

How did this get here?

I resumed reading. The pages were filled with entries from some sort of experiment.

I was too caught up on reading that I didn't notice someone walk up to me.

"Hey, there lil' lady."

Startled, I closed the book abruptly and looked up to the person who said that.

It was someone who looked a few years older than me. He has black hair that was brushed to the side and bright blue eyes.

I tilted my head and gave a hesitant wave.

He gave a friendly grin and gestured to the seat next to me.

"May I?"

I nodded.

He sat down and extended a hand out towards me.

"The name's Jake, kinda new in town. Wa' just looking 'round the park and found ya sittin' alone here so ah figured 'Why not come and say hello?'"

I shook his hand and jotted down my name.

"Cecilia? That's a pretty name. I'll call ya CC for short."

I smiled at him.

Jake was a nice guy. We talked about stuff and we exchanged numbers. It was getting late so I had to go back home.

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