Chapter 2

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Mazy's P.O.V

We just got all the boxes inside now it's time to unpack. I unpacking when Dylan came into my room.

"Mom wants you and Collin to go to the house next to us and give them this." He said and handed me a letter.

"Okay?' I said confused "come one Collin we have something to do." I yelled

We walked over to the house next to us and knocked Amy Duggar answered

"Oh my gosh! Mazy and Collin!" She said and hugged us

"Come on in." She said

We walked in and I seen Jer and Jed and let's just say they are a lot more cuter than they were 3 years ago.

"Mazy, Collin your back.," Jed said

"Mazy! I'm happy you all moved back.," Jer said

"I am to this is my birthday present!" I said

"Happy late birthday!" Jer said

"Thanks! Anyway here my mom told me to give this to our new people or whatever." I said

"Okay I'll give it to mom. " he said

"Collin we have to go!" I yelled

"Okay." He said

"Bye Jer." I said

He nodded and we left and walked back over to our house.

"How was seeing your old crush?" Collin said

"Shut up Collin." I said

"No I'm serious how was it?" He asked again

"It was awesome good he's gotten cuter." I said

"So if he asked you to start a courtship you'd say yes?" He asked

"Yes." I said

I went inside and unpacked most of my boxes there was a few boxes I haven't unpacked I looked at the clock it was 11:20. I suddenly heard something hit my window I opened it to see Jer down there smiling.

"Why are you doing that?" I asked

"Because I want to." He said

"Well can you try to be quiet my family's asleep." I said

"I'm sorry but come down here I want to talk to you." He said

I sighed and snuck down the stairs and opened the door and went out.

"What did you need Jer?" I asked

"I just wanted to you see to make myself believe your actually here and I'm not dreaming." He said

"Well I'm actually here Jer and I'm staying" I said

"You are that's great!" He said

"Yeah!" I said

"So I wanted to ask you will you come over tomorrow?" He asked

"Yeah sure! I want to see the girls anyway." I said

"Okay I'll see ya tomorrow." He said

"Bye!" I said

I went upstairs and fixed my bed and went to bed I have kinda a lot of stuff to unpack still I have to do that tomorrow.


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