Chapter 14

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I got to my car and drove to my house. I looked at the time 4:30pm. I drove for 10mins before reaching my place. As usual the house was noisy from Anne's screams.

I opened the door to see Anne running everywhere in the house, Zara ran behind her. She stopped when she noticed my presence.

"Mommy!" Anne shouted running towards me. I bent down and opened my arms for her to come in. Running into my arms, she hugged me.

I missed her so much. "How are you baby?" I asked.

"Pine." She replied grinning, showing her small set of teeth. "What were you guys doing?" I asked her.

"Playing, come mommy." She replied inviting me to play with them. And just like that, we played. We were technically running around the house.

After some time, I asked Zara to go home and asked if she could spend tonight with Anne. She happily agreed.

That didn't stop Anne from playing though.

Anne giggles filled the house. Giggling along with her, we fell on the couch. "Baby?" I called sitting up.

"Yes mommy?" She replied.

"What are you doing?" I asked chuckling, her hand was dug deep in my bag.

"Nothing." She replied.

"Nothing?" I asked.

"Hmm." She replied.

"Doesn't seem like nothing, come here, where did you learn how to lie? Silly girl." I said placing her on my lap. Her face towards me. Bring my face to her belly, I tickle her. She giggled squealing.

"You're going to lie again?"

"No!" She let out. I stopped.

I looked at the time. 5:10pm. "Okay baby, I'd go prepare dinner, hmm?" I said.

"Hmm." She hummed in reply. I left her to go prepare dinner. 20mins later, I was done.

"Let's watch Dora!" Anne suddenly exclaimed. She jumped down from the chair I placed her, she ran towards the living room.

"Anne!" I called. She didn't answer. She just got done eating and she's already running around. I sighed clearing the table.

I went to the living room when I was done. I spotted Anne on a chair, sitting comfortably with a bowl of ice cream on her hand.

How did she get that? That was in the freezer... "What are you doing?" I asked trying not to laugh because of how the ice cream smeared across her mouth.

"Nothing." She replied, trying to hide the ice cream.

I shook my head walking towards her. "What did I say about lying?" I asked.

"It's bad."

"Exactly! Lying is very bad." I told her and just like that, I gave her a lecture about lying.

I know I lie sometimes, but it's only when necessary..

After that, we watch Dora together. Anne slept half way down the show. I took her to her to her bedroom afterwards. I placed the purple blanket around her. Kissing her forehead. I got out.

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