Kustard (Sin!)

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Classic will be dom and male and Fell will be sub and female.

This was requested by Underturtleboi

Enjoy the sin.

*Fell's POV*

I slam the door closed, stomping out into the snow, huffing.

"Damn fkin a**hole. See if I fkin stay around." I sigh, opening a portal to Undertale, walking into UT's Waterfall, sitting beside an echo-flower. Classic happens to be sitting at his Waterfall post when I popped in.

"What's up, buddy?" I look at Classic, sighing. I lean against the wall beside him, closing my eyes.

"Just left that terrible fkwad I was dating. Needed some air, so I came here." Classic nods.

"'ey...Classic?" Classic hums softly in an affirmative 'hes listening'.

"Could you help me out?"

"How so?"

"Idk...help me get over the fker or somethin..." Classic gets super quiet for a moment, and I wait for him to give me an answer. He usually gets quiet when he's thinking, as I've pieced together during the numerous times he's gotten quiet while being deep in thought.

"You know what, sure."


"Yeah, gotta be there for my buddy." I grin and Classic leaves his post, leading me to his house.

*Classic's POV/Flashback*

"Could you help me out?"

"How so?" I turn to look at Fell, unsure what he will want help with. It could be anything from tping his ex's house to hiding a body.

"Idk...help me get over the fker or somethin..." I get quiet, wondering how he'd want me to help him get over the bad ex.

He's asking for help...but he just left a bad relationship...If I try to make a move now, he may end up only using me as a rebound. Fell has never done that that I know of, but it is a possibility. Hmmm...I could offer him a room/place in the house, and make a move after a sufficient amount of time has passed.

"You know what, sure."

"Really?" I hold back my surprise, worried about why he'd be surprised I'd agree to help. I'm his closest friend, why wouldn't I help?

"Yeah, gotta be there for my buddy." I leave my post, leading him to my house, Papy still out training with Undyne. He flops onto the couch, sighing.

"So, what kind of help you want?" Fell looks at me, shrugging.

"Idk, like I said. I don't really know what kind of help I want...I just...I guess I just don't want to be alone." I nod.

"Well, we can watch some Mettaton shows until Papy gets back." I hold up the remote and Fell grins, nodding.

*A few Hours later*

Papyrus enters to find Fell and myself watching a quiz show, the two of us looking thoughtful before I crack a joke about my anti-gravity book. Papy sighs and Fell cracks up.

"Fell is here for how long?" I shrug at Papyrus's question and he hums thoughtfully.

"Fell, would you mind helping me cook?" Fell sighs, but gets up with little argument.

*A week later*

Fell has been here for a week, and things have been...interesting. I've always had an attraction to Fell, but I'm finding myself in a predicament. The last couple of days, he's said he's so happy to have me as a friend, and the last couple of days have had me feeling the desire to be more than friends with him.

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