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finn was voracious. voracious to find browns daughter. he needed to see her again. she was his main goal, not drugs, not money, not murder, just finding her.

and well that's saying a lot because he'd never been this attached to a girl ever. and most certainly not one as stubborn and bitter as millie. he grabbed several cigarettes, and walked out the door.

he hopped on the relatively old motorcycle and put on his helmet. he drove in the frigid december weather back to the gang headquarters to gather more gang members to come with him.

he sporadically stopped mid way not knowing why. his ride stopped mid way through the dusty road. he looked around to see a gas station, motel, and old house.

then he had an idea. a very inviolable idea.

he stepped away from the motorcycle to walk up to the motel registration. he waved awkwardly to seem friendly, but he just seemed like a nut job. he had remembered millie had something in her car on a paper that said something about the motel.

"what the hell is it?" the old woman asked rudely . finn took no offense whatsoever.

"is there a uh... millie brown staying here?" finn asked putting his hands in his dark leather jacket.

"does she want you here?" the woman asked as if he was conspiring against her.

"yes, i talked to her yesterday." he half lied. he did talk to her yesterday but, he didn't know if the young woman wanted him there.

"room 31." she said returning to her newspaper.

he crooned while reading each of the doors off. until he finally reached her number. 31. he valourously knocked on her door.

he knocked three times, no answer. he knocked another three times and the door swung open to see an angry and shambled girl.

"what do you fu-" she stopped mid sentence to meet eyes with finn. "no no no."

she trying to shut the door but he stopped his foot in time to open the door. he looked around and then back at her.

"cozy." he said sarcastically as another figure emerged from the bedroom.

"babe it's too early, let's go back in bed." a guy said. a guy finn impudently glared at.

"are you fucking kidding me? this shitbag?" finn asked millie as she looked down in embarrassment knowing fully well what he's done to other girls. "how drunk were you last night?"

"hey don't talk to her like that." he chimed in.

"did you already rape her jacob? is that how you win her heart?" finn tergiversated.

"why the hell are you here anyway?!" jacob asked ignorantly.

"i needed to talk to millie." he said lowly.

"yeah right." jacob said walking over to millie, hugging her from behind as she slapped his cheek so hard that his cheek was stinging.

"it's called a hookup jacob. not a first date." millie said picking him up by his collar and throwing him out the door.

"well then." finn said expressing his feelings as to what had just happened. him completely irrefutable to her or anyone being with jacob.

"yep." millie said looking down at the ground shyly. this whole situation was pretty exhilarating right?

"so that's it? you're just done with him?" finn asked to see if she was disinventing her relationship with him.

"yeah. i was gonna do it soon anyway. i only got a excuse today because a stranger walked into my room and got all defensive." she said as she tidied up the room.

"i'm here for a reason brown." finn said while millie scoffed in abnegation.

"yeah right." millie said walking over to him. "leave. now."

"as i said before i'm here for a reason." finn said towering over the smaller girl. she looked up at him adjurated. she wanted him to leave. "please come with me. i need to take you somewhere."

"where is somewhere." she said leaning up to him. he stared bluntly at her.

"you'll see." he said as she nodded her head. she went into the bedroom and changed into black pants and leather jacket with a white undershirt. and grabbed her gun incase anything happened.

"you ready?" finn asked as she entered the larger room.

"yeah." she said before they both walked out of the room. finn looked over to his bike then back at millie. she then looked at it too.

"no we're driving." she said grabbing her keys and opening the car. "get in."

"this is nice." finn said looking at the girl in front of him.

"what is?" she asked lighting a cigarette.

"the car. how did you miss that?" he asked as he put the antennas up on the radio.

killer queen started to play. millie started bobbing her head to the music to turn it up. her fingers brushed against finn's but neither dared to look at each other, in fear that the other didn't feel what they had felt.

at first finn thought millie was a misanthrope but he could now see further. he saw past the bitchy front she put up. he looked at her dancing in the car. he knew she wasnt- couldn't be bitchy. something about her made his heart happy. something he didn't know. or even realize.

finn gave her the directions pedantly, by telling her every little detail or symbol she could've missed. but they made it to the headquarters.

when finn walked into the bar where everyone was, they cheered. then millie walked in. everything went silent. some people tilted their heads. some people scoffed. and some people just laughed because of how drunk they were.

millie took another puff from her withering cigarette when finn said, "browns kid. millie"

then people started cheering again. millie looked at finn, flipping him off in the process.

"what the hell is this wolfhard?" she asked angrily, not giving a damn what they thought of her.

"your dad's gang." he said pointing to the hundreds of harrowing gang members in the large bar.

"millie?" a familiar voice asked as millie turned her head to him.


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