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Everything I've never done, I want to do with you

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H-holy Mother of donuts.

Speechless, Sage dropped his hands as he stared back at Xander, horrified. He wanted to wave and play off the situation cool and suave like Nyx probably would, but with the cesspool of nerves grappling him in his perpetual state of shock, that would most likely fail and come off as the ultimate cringe.

Xander hesitated for a second before he finally walked over, that quizzical look staying on his face. "Hey, what's wrong?"

"N-nothing! I-I was just..." just what? Checking the temperature inside his boxers? Randomly having his hands down there? "...w-watching that then, um, I..." realizing that the TV was still on pause, he came up blank, as expected. "B-but you know, Xander, I-I'm always weird, you know? Oh, and I'm b-bad at acting too, haha!"

He ended, painfully awkwardly, scratching his head and laughing like a complete idiot. Xander sat next to him again, both eyebrows raised in bemusement. "What?"

"Um ... y-yeah." Sage stuttered as he began fanning himself. He dropped his hand and apologized upon realizing how absurd he must have looked doing so. "I-I'm sorry, it's just r-really hot in here, y-you know?"

"It is? You can take off your shirt if you--"


Xander blinked.

"I-I mean ... I-I'm not ..." holy donuts Sage Tommaso Tremaine please shut the hell up, "not really hot, just a teensy, tiny bit, y-you know?" he added, illustrating with his band-aided index finger and thumb before laughing nervously again, shifting ever so slightly. "Um, yeah. T-that is all." he intelligently concluded as he hugged his knees tighter, dropping his head to where they formed a plateau below his chin.

Xander continued observing him for a while longer. Sage's entire body prickled with heat and apprehension, and all of a sudden he felt intoxicated; as though he'd selfishly guzzled down an entire bottle of Tequila in one go.

But he knew that wasn't the case. It was Xander infiltrating his bloodstream and he knew it.

Folding under his lower lip, Sage glanced down.

Xander's facial expression then changed. Completely.

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