Chapter Eight: Android Becomes Human

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After getting kicked out of the Eden Club, I went back home and this time I took off my brother number off my phone since I never want to talk to him for bringing me into a place like that

(Y/N): Thank god I hope he doesn't contact or come into my house ever again, now...what should I do?

I look around the living room and save nothing besides watching TV but I didn't feel like doing that at all so I just decided to go to my bedroom

(Y/N): ugh, I swear...some people in this place really need to-

I then stop heading upstairs as I could hear a girl scream coming from outside

(Y/N): what the hell?!

I ran back downstairs and open the front door and rush outside to hear where the noise was coming from, I look around and see nobody

(Y/N): huh...where the hell did that noise come from-

I then heard the girl scream and this time it was coming from the next door neighbour house, the same house that had the AX400 android and also the same place that almost got arrested for trespassing

(Y/N): oh my god...what the hell is that fat bastard doing to that girl now?

I ran straight to the next neighbour house and crawl slowly to the window which I then saw the guy shouting at the girl as they were sitting down at the table

(Y/N): oh my god...that poor innocent one, she doesn't deserve a monster like him

I then turn my eyes to the android which was just standing there as the man were shouting at the girl

(Y/N): Hmm the AX400 must be standing still because of her orders damn these poor wonder bloody deviants are coming at them

As (Y/N) were spying at the window looking at the people sitting at the table, Todd were furious and start shouting more anger at the girl

Todd: what's your fucking problem Girl, you think it's easy for me to live in this shithole of a think it's my fault your mother fucking took off without a word!

Alice looks frighten as she was slowly getting off the chair, (Y/N) were giving sad looks to Alice and wish he could do something

Todd: that whore keeps saying I should stop with the drugs...and then...she left my ass for that piece of shit of an accountant!

Todd gets off his chair and start pushing the table away as he walks towards Alice in more anger

Todd: it's your fault you little rat, it always been your fault!

Alice: Daddy no!


Todd then gives slap right across Alice face which made her fall down on the floor, which quickly push it too quickly for (Y/N) as he saw nothing but a monster


Alice started to cry and went straight upstairs not even looking at Todd or the android

Todd: get back here! You get back here right now Alice!

Todd yells at her but was so furious that he was going crazy and start walking around the living room, (Y/N) were so mad that he wish he was a police officer right now and tease him until he's dead

(Y/N): (I got to do something I don't care what the police did to me...that guy have so gone too far!)

I then stop getting angry and notice the ax400 wasn't about to move to check on the girl but then that asshole told her not to move at all which she listen

(Y/N): got to do something here, I have to break in!

As Todd get the belt in the sofa, he runs upstairs to go for Alice which was then the perfect time for me to do something

(Y/N): okay...come on...come on (Y/N) think, what should you do?

(Y/N) goes to the front and opens it very easily, which he then stop and were confused

(Y/N): wait a minute...was this front door open?

I enter the house and slowly close the door to not make any sound

(Y/N): I can't believe this asshole leave his doors open, it's like he wants to get murdered....or maybe he was just drunk to forgot to close his door

As I look around the house, I saw the android still standing there as it was still listening to its orders, I ran to the ax400 and try to move it

(Y/N) come on android, you need to help me stop that guy before he hurts that little girl!

The android doesn't listen and were just staring at a blank wall, I wanted to try and shake it but I didn't want to be that rough or look mean

(Y/N): oh come on please don't listen to your commands and actually be a human person for god sake...PLEASE!

I then saw the android start to move a little and it eyes blink twice

(Y/N): Please I know you don't like that guy but what about the girl, she may need're the only person that took care of her, you be more of a parent than that bastard has been for years!

The android arm started to move a little and I saw her led turning red

(Y/N): come on...have you android ever feel like you should be more like a human instead of being a slave machine...come on feel like you could be someone else than just this....feel like you could feel emotion...feel like you're alive!

It was at that moment, ax400 started to break out its program and smashes through it which she then feel something, she feels very different than she was before and she looks at me and were shock to feel all of this right now

Kara: I...I feel alive...

(Y/N) who is now witnessing for the first time an android that now feels like a human, he doesn't know how to react but he was so happy right now that he feels like jumping like crazy

(Y/N): oh my actually works, I knew it!

Kara: ...Thank you....what's your name?

(Y/N): o-oh my name...well (Y/N) (L/N)

Kara: nice to meet you (Y/N) name is Kara....

We both smile at each other as we slowly shake hands but stop as we heard Alice screaming right now

Kara: ALICE!

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