chapter 1 the night at the dance (you wont believe Wat happens

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I ran home that day a big smile on my face sowide, i almost broke a cheek bone! I was excited! but ididn'tshow it.its no big deal!i thought. Yes it was i'm going to the dance! WithStevensonTyler!. I walked in the door of my home"i'm hoooome!" ijus wanted to shout! I feltlike oneofthose girlsonTV loved.

I went up to my room threw my book on themessyfloor. should i plop down on the bed liked i'mso i love? naaaaa itsjusta dance! i took out my pen and paper and started writing

Dear diary, Oct.21,2007

Stevensonjust asked me out! can you believe it! im so surprised. But i wonder if it's a prank or mistake because he never really paid attention to me. I would have known that he liked me before because he would have shown clue's. But im just being silly or worried just mixed emotions. i just wish he is someone that i can fall in love with. I hope this nite isgenuine.well cant wait till' the dance by the way what should i wear something not togaudythats just not me well Ta-Tadiary im off tostart alife now!

p.s i might not need you anymore jus saying i might have a boy friend i can talk to now! =)

I put the diary back under mymattress. I looked in my closet toc what ishouldwear. It would probably be a costume party. hey im gonna go as a goth chick! yea thats totally me and i'll have on a costume! thanksa lotbrain!i ran down stairs to tell mom

"hey mom im going to theHalloweendance tonight."

"why now?"

"Wat do you mean mom?"

"I mean you have never went to anything that your school threw now you do, why?"

"because.... I just feel like going now I heard its gonna be fun this year plus its aHalloween dance mom."

"oh....Halloweenalways seem like your favorite holiday what are you wearing honey?"

she asked getting bread out of therefrigerator.


she turned around

"oh that. wellwhat do you suppose to be?"

"A goth girl" i saidspinningaround

"oh.Well have fun be back bye 11:00 sharp young lady!"

"alright moooom!"

"okay have fun honey no fooling aroundneither!"

"gotcha moms!"

"Okay bye .

look outHalloweendance hear i come

7 hours later at the dance.....

I was sitting all alone in the back of the gym with the rest of the dance rejects. Everyone was having fun in there costumes dancing to the live music, eating drinking enjoying the party. I knewsomethingwasn't right! he stood me up! That jerk i felt like pouring a drink in his face but i wont dare waste the time. What the heck the times already"wasted"justlike the kids at the party.I tried to hold back the tears but they ran down my face chasing each other.

i got up and was on my way to the bathroom,and thats when he stoped me ], his face painted.

"thought i wasn't coming huh?" he said smiling

I started to laugh because i thought he wasnt coming i was suddenly happy again'

"why are you laughing its my costume right i know i-"

"no its jus this is funny- i thought youweren't coming so i started crieng!"

I joked. A popular girl name marie walked up that's his ex-girlfriend the headcaptainof the cheer squad. please dont tell me that my first mind is rightafterall please dont!

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