{Ch. 1} My Lover Is My Dead Ex Boyfriend's Best Friend ;]

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My Lover Is My Dead Ex Boyfriend's Best Friend ;]

{Ch. 1}

“We won’t work out. I think we should just be friends…” Why did that line keep coming back to me?

I grabbed onto the side of the bus for supports as the bus swerved to the right and stopped. My eyes almost bulged out of my eye sockets when I the group of guys at my school.

I lowered my head as they came on the bus, making their way to where I was, with one less member.

If they saw me I would be dead…

“We have to find that girl,” Oliver Heske said.

“We’ve been searching for the past three weeks,” James Glaser grumbled.

“Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to keeps searching until we get an explanation from her,” Kent Taylor replied.

“I agree with Kent,” Jacob West said.

[A/N: These guys go to Riley Stahur’s (the girl who is narrating) school.]

I lowered my head down even more, to the point where I guess it looked pretty abnormal because Oliver asked me, “Is everything ok?”

“I’m fine,” I mumbled under my breath.

“Is something wrong with your neck?” Oliver asked me.

“Nothing is wrong,” I said a little too loud.

I guess Oliver recognized my voice because he exclaimed, “IT’S RILEY!”

I jumped out of my seat, grabbed my bag, and ran towards the front.

“Mister, open the doors now!” I yelled, getting a bit panicky.

Startled, he quickly pulled the lever the lever that opens the door and I sprinted, with the four guys chasing after me.

Panting, I came to a dead end.

I was trapped.

They would make me tell everything. Just thinking about it brought tears to my eyes.

Oliver, obviously the new leader of the group, slammed his hand right next to the wall next to my head.

“What happened to Ian?” he asked, cold and menacing.

“Ian who?” I tried, hopeful.

“Ian Connors! The one who goes to our school! The one who was our leader… Your boyfriend…” Oliver stopped to wipe a few tears out of his eyes, while his friends looked down at the ground.

“He’s not my boyfriend.” I slid to the ground, crying.

Oliver bent down to my level and asked more gently this time, “What happened? Why and how did Ian die?”

“T-t-t-they shot him,” I sobbed.

“Why?” Oliver asked.

“I-I-I don’t know…”

Oliver sighed and said to his friends, “I guess she really doesn’t know anything. Let’s go, guys. Then he turned to me and whispered, “Go home. I hope we don’t have to meet like this again…”

Then he left.


“Ian! I can’t be with you anymore! They killed my mom, my dad, my brother… They’re going to kill you, too! You’re the only one I care about left…” I whispered.

He pulled me into a hug and kissed the top of my head.

“Do you know why I chose you over all those cheerleaders and sluts?” He asked.

“I… Don’t know…”

“It’s because I saw beauty inside of you. I know that no matter what happens, you’ll be strong… Right?”

“I love you, Ian, but we won’t work out. I think we should just be friends…”

His shoulders sagged and he buried his face in his palms.

“Why can’t you see that I would give everything to stay with you?”

“They’re going to come after you next…”

“Riley, I promise we’ll be safe, together… I promise…” Ian said.

“No, we won’t. I don’t know what’s happening, but I don’t want you getting hurt either…”

“Ugh! Why are you so stubborn?! I’m trying my best, but can’t you try to work with me, here?!

He stormed out of my house angrily, and the next day, he died. Some guy had shot him.

I was alone… At “home”, at school, in my life…

*Flashback over*

I sat down on the bench in the park.

“What’s a pretty lady like you doing by herself, alone?” a guy who goes to my school smirked as he plopped himself down next to me.

“Obviously I’m being sad. On a bench.”

“Do you want to come back to my place? I could give you some fun,” Ethan White said.

Some background on Ethan White: Used to be Ian’s best friend, but got in a fight with Ian about… something. Dropped out of the “group” and became leader of the “jocks.” Player.

“It’s ok. I’d rather NOT hang out with my dead boyfriend’s asshole friend.”

“About that, he left you a letter with me.” Ethan said coolly.

“Why would he leave his EX- best friend- emphasize on EX- his girlfriend’s letter?”

“I guess he knew he was going to die or something, because the night before he died, he came to me apologizing and left me a letter to you…” Ethan said with a faraway look in his eyes.

Silently, he handed me an envelope.

I opened it up.

Dear Riley Emma Stahur,

I love you so much. If I could stop everything from happening, I would. If I could reverse time and stop you mom, brother, and dad from dying, I would… I know that my time is limited, so I took my time to put my feelings into this letter. I am going to leave this letter in Ethan’s possession, after I apologize to him… I just want to tell you… Even though I love you so much, and I know and I hope you love me as much as I love you, I want you to find someone else to love. No matter how much you think about me, find a new man. Don’t let me get in the way of you and your new boy. Please. I love you…


By this point, I was crying my eyes out.

But the line that stood out the most was ‘No matter how much you think about me, find a new man. Don’t let me get in the way of you and your new boy.’

I love you, Ian…

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