Chapter Twelve

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Sammy pulls her hair up and out of her eyes, she'd wanted to get straight into everything but they need to wait for Wade. She presses her head against the wall and closes her eyes to think. Behind her Steve lingers slightly watching her.

"You okay?" Steve asks behind her, she hums as she gently taps the toe of her boot against the skirting board.

"Just eager to get on with it" she answers. "I've been waiting five years for this"

"I thought I already did it" he adds, she turns and leans back against the wall to face him.

"I know" she nods. "We all did....Now they've had time to regroup, to strengthen....but so have we" he glances to her. "There are more people like me, people with powers....we can do this....."

"Together?" he asks her, she nods.

"Together" she answers. He raises their hands and kisses the back of it.

"So what's first?" he asks her. She takes a breath and nods.

"Washington" she answers. "There is facility there, there is some machinery we need to get rid of" he nods.

"Then let's....tell the others" he turns to leave and she hesitates to follow.

"Steve" she starts, he turns to her. "I'm sorry" she tells him, he frowns a little. "For.." she clears her throat. "Punching you before....before I knew it was you" he smiles and nods.

"I know" he assures her, she crosses her arms over her chest. "Sorry I called you a thief, sorry I...tackled you, snapped at you"

"Steve" she stops him. "I was a bitch, I thought they'd....dug up the suit and put some...nobody in it, I was so angry, so upset that they'd done that" he smiles a little. "It's your suit" she points out, he nods and moves back to her, she sniffles wiping her cheek on her shoulder, he touches her jaw and lifts her head. "It's still ridiculous but it's yours" she adds, he laughs and leans down, presses his lips to her forehead. He pulls back and touches her arm, his fingers grazing over the watch, his eyes shift down to it. Sammy takes a breath and reaches for it. "Here" she tells him slipping the watch from her wrist, Steve's eyes widen. "I mean..." she sighs. "It doesn't belong to me" she holds it out to him, his eyes stare down at it. "It was your father's, you should have it back" she adds. He reaches out, seemingly for the watch but he grabs her wrist instead, turning her hand a little so his free hand can take the watch back, he pushes her sleeve up and slides the watch back onto her wrist.

"It was a gift" he tells her. "It belongs to you" he shifts his hold on her hand, threading his fingers with hers.


Steve stands beside Sammy at the head of the table, Natasha and Clint sat looking at the blueprint for the Federal National Bank. Tony taps his fingers on the table where he sits at the end watching them, whilst not going with them he has a couple of new devices he wants to try out. He just didn't have the reason to, now he does.

"We handle everything ourselves" Steve points out. "No analysts, no pilots, no scientists.....just us"

"We have to find the mole as well" Tony counters. "We can't just let them run around in Shield"

"They'll be no Hydra when we're finished" Sammy states. "No Hydra, no mole" Sammy looks to her phone as it rings, her features shifting slightly, Steve notices.

"Sammy?" he asks, she stands.

"I have to take this" she mumbles and then walks away not allowing for more questions. Natasha looks to Steve.

"Are you going to be able to work with her?" She asks him and then turns to Clint. "And you?"

"Oh, no, I'm good" Clint answers. "I need to get out of here for a few days, get my hear around the fact I have a teenage daughter....who is the great granddaughter of Captain America" Steve glances to him.

"Which we need to talk about" Steve points out, Clint nods a little.

"And we will" Clint agrees. "I still need to talk to..." His eyes widen when his mind comes up blank.

"Bethany" Steve reminds him.

"Right, Bethany, of course...." Clint rubs his head. "This has been a really weird few days"


Sammy closes the bedroom door behind her as she answers the phone, pressing it to her ear she takes a breath.

"Bucky" she whispers in greeting.

"I thought you might like to know that they're moving Viper" he tells her.

"Moving her?" she asks. "Viper doesn't go anywhere, she stays in Japan"

"Well, they've got her heading to the US" He admits reading over the file in front of him.

"Where?" Sammy asks.

"Dover, Delaware"

"The Labs" Sammy realises. "Of course" she whispers touching her neck.

"I know you two have history" Bucky offers. Sammy does have history with Viper, she and Logan both do. Sammy avoided Viper as much as she could whilst within Hydra. Just in case.

"When does her flight get in?" she asks.

"Tomorrow night, 10pm, at Dover Air Force base"

"Plenty of time" Sammy states. "That's good...thank you"

"You're very welcome" he counters. "Hey, you wanna talk to her?" Sammy's voice hitches slightly, she nods.

"Yeah" she answers, her voice wavering.

"Come here, Pup" Bucky states as he lifts Rosie up onto his lap. "Okay, you remember I taught you how to use this" Bucky tells her as he hands over the phone to the little girl.

"Mommy" she greets. Sammy closes her eyes and sets her forehead against the wall.

"Pup" Sammy whispers, Rosie starts to cry.

"Mommy" she babbles sadly. "I miss you" Sammy nods and sniffles.

"Yeah, mommy misses you too" she assures her. "But Mommy's gonna see you very soon" Sammy coos as she starts to cry. "I promise, just stay with daddy a little longer...okay?"

"Okay" Rosie whispers sadly.

"Can you put daddy back on?" Sammy asks, Bucky takes the phone from Rosie.

"I'll call if I hear anything else" Bucky tells her softly.

"Thank you" Sammy whispers and then hands up as the door behind her opens. Logan closes the door behind him as he enters, he raises an eyebrow at his sister as she brushes tears from her cheek.

"What's going on?" he asks her.

"Viper" she answers. "She's going to be on the move..."

"Right, well let's go get her" Logan tells her, she shoots him a look.

"No" she answers. "No, we're going to go with the plan in place.....first, we and the Avengers hit the Federal Bank base...then you, me and Wade, we'll go after Viper alone" they share a look. He nods.

"Okay" he agrees with her. "We can do that"

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