Chapter 27

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"C'mon... c'mon..." Benji muttered under his breath as he stood outside the room door. He pleaded with all his might that Jorge was still there. He honestly wouldn't know what to do if he wasn't. The door slowly cracked open, revealing a boy dressed in a maroon t-shirt and grey sweats. Benji practically tackled him in a hug, pushing him back into the room. They stood there for awhile, holding each other. Jorge was a little confused though, not understanding why Benji was so worried. Both girls just watched as the scene played out, standing outside the doorway.

"I thought you left. Christ, Jorge I was so scared." He whispered in his ear, letting go of their embrace for a moment.

"Well it's not like it would matter, you're getting married to someone else anyways." Benji could feel passive aggressiveness being targeted at him, but he just couldn't quite place it.

Fiona stepped into the doorway hearing their conversation, and decided to intervene. "We're not. I said no." She smiled, reassuring the shorter boy in front of her. All Jorge could do was let out a small 'oh'.

"So, Jorge, this is Camilla and Fiona, Camilla and Fiona, this is Jorge." Benji said, using hand gestures to get his point across. There was an awkward feeling in the air, nobody really knew what to do or say.

"Well it's really good to meet you, Benji talks about you non-stop, it gets annoying." Camilla let out a small laugh, finding humor in her own joke.

"Yeah, but I already said I was leaving tomorrow morning, Benji."

"T-Then I'll tell them you're staying. I can't lose this." He said hastily, taking hold of the other boy's hand. It was true, what Benji said, he couldn't bear to lose Jorge. He would rather die. Benji wasn't all for sappy things so he couldn't admit to himself how much he cared about Jorge. But he did. A lot.

The other boy just nodded happily, overjoyed that he could stay with Benji for even one more day.

"Does that mean... we could actually be something? More than just hiding away in a shed?" The two had forgotten Fiona and Camilla were there at this point. But it didn't matter, they were happy beyond compare.

"I-I sure hope so... I could talk to my father, and I'm sure since both Nora is gone and Fiona said no... oh my god I could marry you." Benji laced his hands onto Jorge's hips, picked him up and spun him around. The other boy was a lot lighter than Benji expected, and Jorge just giggled through it all. It was adorable. When Jorge was set back down, he remembered both Fiona and Camilla were there, and his face went beet red.

"Oh! Would you guys want to do something tonight? We could hang out and do stuff around the palace." Benji said to the three of them, and without thinking snug his arm around Jorge's back and waist. The two girls nodded, smiling at the two who couldn't be any more cuter than they already were. And so the four walked out, excited for so many things.


This scene was probably my favorite to write, I loved it so much 🤧

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