Chapter 26

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"So, Jorge, huh?" The redhead asked, her feet dangling off the railing they were seated on. Multiple people were at work in the fields and gardens, but the boy Benji was looking for wasn't there. Something inside him ached a bit because of that.

"Yeah," Benji said absentmindedly, not being very present in the current conversation.

"So what country is he the prince of?"

"H-He's not a prince." As shocked as she was, Fiona didn't want it to immedietly show. She was happy Benji told her, and she didn't want to blow it.

"Then how did you meet him?" Fiona asked, trying to urge the answer out of the prince.

"Uh... he works in the gardens."

"Oh, Benji..." It was a known rule among all royal families, they weren't to date people that worked in the palace. Especially if their place of work was far under theirs. Even Fiona knew about that. It was one of the main reasons Benji and Jorge had to sneak around so much. Besides the reason of his father's opinions.

"I-I know it's bad, it's just..." His voice died off, his eyes scanning the courtyard below visciously. Fiona just looked over to him with a concerned expression.

"You okay?"

"It's getting late in the afternoon, he should be out by now..." Concern and worry shot through Benji. Where could he be? Is something wrong? Did he... leave? "I-I should go look for him. Would you want to come? Maybe meet him?" Fiona nodded, hopping off the railing right after the boy. "Camilla said she wanted to see him, so maybe we can pick her up on our way."

"She knows about him?" Fiona questioned, she wasn't sure how much the other girl knew.

"Yeah, Camilla has been kind of helping me out with a lot of this stuff." The princess to the right of Benji nodded.

They took step after step to Camilla's room, being sure to not walk too close. It was nice for the two to breathe. As they made it to the hallway she stayed in, they noticed she was already outside and walking towards them.

"Hey! Congratulations!" She screamed, running to the two. Quickly, Benji shook his hand at his throat, signaling to cut it out. "What? Oh- ohhh..." Her face just turned into a fake awkward smile, which made Fiona laugh a little.

"Cammy don't worry, it's okay. She knows. I was just gonna go introduce her to Jorge, want to come with?" Although she was feeling a bit awkward, Camilla's expression fully changed into a rage of excitement.

"Yes! Finally, you think of your lonely best friend." Benji just rolled his eyes.

The three of them made their journey all around the palace, looking both outside and inside. After at least fifteen minutes of going on a Jorge hunt, Benji came to the conclusion he wasn't on duty that night. So they headed even deeper into the heart of the castle, down to the servant floor. Their first idea was to go to Sam, who had the catalog and schedule for who worked when.

"Benji, welcome back. I'm gonna take a wild guess, you're looking for Jorge?" The prince nodded, while Fiona and Camilla just eyed him oddly. How did Sam know? "He's not on the schedule at all. I think he talked to me about leaving for a different job? He takes off tomorrow morning."

"W-What?" Benji sputtered.

He couldn't leave. I-I haven't even told him Fiona said no.

But all he could do was race out of there and over to the living quarters. He still remembered what room Jorge was in, if he could just get there...


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