71: Waterfalls

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"No fucking way,"
"No- go away!"
"Come on! It's so much fun,"
"Yeah, if you want to die! Don't touch me!" Scott laughed, his arms wrapping around Mitch as they waited in line for their boat to dock. "No, Scott."
"Why not? They're whale sharks; completely docile and friendly."
"Fuck you- no."
Scott kissed his cheek, "fine, I'll just dive alone. But if I get swallowed by a whale shark, you have to live with the fact that you didn't experience the most badass death in the history of ever."
Mitch slapped his arm, "You are a married father of two. If I hear you talk like that again, I'm handcuffing you to the kitchen counter and leaving you there for the rest of your life."
"Why the kitchen counter and not the bed?" Scott kissed his cheek, "it'll be kinky- ow! Okay! I'll stop!"
Mitch shook his head, "You are an asshole."
"You know I'm only kidding, love. I won't dive if you don't want me to. But do you still want to go to the fancy island?"
"White beach and crystal blue water? Of course I want to go there. I need a tan. But if you even think about asking me to go into the death that is the ocean, I'm leaving you."
Scott grinned, "okay!"

Mitch was tanning on a towel, his eyes closed until a tall shadow stood over him. Opening an eye, Mitch saw Scott standing with a cheesy smile.
The blonde held up two snorkel goggles, "I managed to snatch us each a pair. Do you want to go swimming with me?"
Mitch sighed, laying back down, "Baby, you know I don't like swimming in the ocean,"
"But we're in Hawaii! Come on,"
"You go have fun, babe. I'll just tan for a little."
Scott sighed and nodded, setting the snorkel gear by Mitch's feet before going off towards the water. After nearly a half an hour, Scott returned and collapsed next to Mitch, letting out a heavy breath and causing the brunette to look up.
"What's up?" Mitch's eyed drifted from Scott's wet body to his shining blue eyes.
"I miss you. And also, I heard there's a walking trail that leads to a cute little waterfall nearby. Want to check it out?"
"Sure," Mitch stood and stretched his arms above his head, a yawn escaping his lips as he waited for Scott to pack their beach bag and lead the way towards the waterfall.
They held hands as they walked, enjoying each other's silence and the sound of the ocean around them, until Scott led him into the clearing right infront of a waterfall. "Look at this!"
"It's actually gorgeous," Mitch set their bag down before stepping closer to the waters edge. "Do you think it's safe to go in?"
"Probably," Scott shrugged. "What's the worse that'll happen?"
"A worm crawls up your-"
"Don't you dare finish that because now I don't want to go into any body of water ever again,"
Mitch laughed, grabbing Scott's hand and leading him into the water. "Come on!"
Scott wrapped his arms around Mitch once they were in the water. He kissed his neck repeatedly until Mitch wrapped his arms around his neck and pulled him close.
"We are not having sex in a waterfall, Scott Richard," Mitch giggled, causing Scott to chuckle. "Fine. Can we do it behind the waterfall? I bet there's a ledge,"
"No!" Mitch squealed, pushing Scott away and laughing. "I'd rather have sex in our bed. Do you know how dangerous it is to have sex outside?"
"Fine." Scott pouted jokingly. "But do you think we could go behind the waterfall? Imagine how cool that would be-"


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