Chapter 9

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I sat up as I heard the car drive off. I looked at William who just awoken and hugging my waist. I looked away, blushing lightly. William just kept on hugging around my waist.
"Milo...what're you doing?" He asked tiredly. I looked at him
"Uh. Nothing..." He smiled
"I wanna be hugged Milo...", I smiled back, lying back down, hugging him back
"I love you Milo..." He whispered lovingly, I flustered up darkly. I wasn't told those words in ages. I didn't even know how to say it anymore. I shoved my head into his chest. He pat my back, but continued to hug me tighter. He kissed my head, which made me blush more. I looked at him then kissed him softly. He kissed back softly too. We stopped, and he nuzzled the side of my neck, then rested his head on my shoulder
"Your so adorable...did you know that?"
"Heh i'm not..."
"Don't lie my teddy bear~", did he just give me another nickname besides for darling. I couldn't handle it. It was too gay. I blushed really dark, hiding my face in my hands. He grabbed my hands, and he continued to hold them. He looked at me very lovingly, I just looked back shyly. I've never even felt like this. I'm so used to the crackheadedness in my life. But this was new. 

The door slammed open
"MILO!!!!", I sat up quickly in shock, "I GOT US ALL BREAKFASTTTTT!" Alex yelled as the others came inside with the bags of hot food inside it. William sat up too, looking at them
"Heh.Thanks Alex" I thanked her. She handed me my food, and the same for the rest. They seemed to have got pancakes from Carl's Junior. With drinks too. They got us all milkshakes with our favourite flavours. We all started to eat the food and talk to each other at the same time
"So Willliiiammmmmm~What'd you do when we were gone" Alex asked
"If you had us planned to fuck, no it wasn't. We morley just hugged each other more then anything"
"DAMMIT! I wanted something weird or funny to happen!" Crackers told us. They all began talking to william about things, I sat there listening.
"Milo! So do you say Williams your boyfriend yet?" Alex asked. I looked at them for a second. I paused, looking at William
"Uhh- Yeah. I think so." I replied, he smiled looking back
"Isn't it kind of weird though. To date a person that didn't exist?" Kitty asked, I stared at her, not knowing what to say
"No. The whole fnaf thing did exist Kitty. You just didn't know" William answered for me, slightly glaring at Kitty. She kind of glared back.
"Okay you guys. Stop that. Its really dumb" Crackers told them, and they did so, "You both act like teenagers in high school movies, Kitty your nearly an adult, and William, your 20, but your still funny" Crackers made finger guns to William, he did it back, smirking. Kitty kinda felt offended from that. She was speechless.
"So when are you guys leaving?" I asked them all
"What is it Milo? You really wanna fuck William that bad so you want us to leave?" Alex questioned me. I shook my head
"No. I was just asking Alex.." I answered
"Okay, i'll stop teasing you. I'm leaving around 12 with Kitty" I looked at Crackers
"uhhh, maybe the same time, probably 12-2pm" I nodded to that
"Alright then" I replied back.

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