Malevolent {Chapter 1}

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I zipped my leather boot up, put on some burgundy lipstick, and headed out the door. My two toned hair jumped in accordance to my sway. I occasionally lifted my right arm to flip my hair and bounce my bangs and winked at anyone that I caught staring.

I have a quality many people would kill for, and although beauty would fit the qualifications I'm talking about something else - confidence. Oh yeah, I gotta lot of confidence but not too much. Just enough to set people spinning. I'm also very convincing, great quality too have. It comes in handy...a lot.

"Sarine." A throat croaked.

I turned my head at a speed so fast that it would have broken any average person's neck. I caught a glimpse of a man with white spiky hair giving me an intuitive look.

"You." I stated and dragged him to me with the curl of a finger.

"Oh, Sarine. If only I could explain to you the honor I have just being in your presence. You are amazing. I look up to you. I-" The man began.

I began to smile which shut him up. I put my left arm over his shoulder, went towards his right ear and whispered, "What do you want?" I stood there and dragged my left hand to his heart in order to feel the increased beat. Then his body slightly rolled because his spine was carrying a shiver. I enjoyed this moment, watching him cower under my touch.

"I-I-I ask a favor of you Sarine." the man managed to spit out.

I played with the word favor in my mind. I burned the word, bit the word, cut the word, and repeated the word.

"Favor." I hissed through my teeth.

"Yes, but a meere one. Hardly anything." The man tried to pick himself up with words. Words that have no meaning.

"I will be the judge of that." I said. I began to circle the body that stood before me, running my hand around his sides,"and what is the name of the trifling man that wants a favor."

"They call me Eagen." He said trying to use his peripherals to see me.

At this I chuckled. I sank into the floor and appeared before him, "Eagen come."

I grabbed his shoulder blade and looked into his eyes, "You will not remember anything that happens after this."

"I won't remember." Eagen repeated.

"Good." I said smiling.

I walked about 10 feet down the street and then into a black portal. Eagen followed me and we both arrived at my den.

There was red velvet everywhere along with weapon shelves and a wall of torture. On the wall in back of my table was my saying, "To get blood you have to give blood; but that doesn't apply to me!"

I found Eagen staring at the saying and I could sense he was worried about what I was going to ask for.

"To get blood you have to give blood so, to get a favor you have to give a favor." I explained.

"What's the favor?" Eagen asked.

I smiled, "You might want to grab a seat." __________________________________________________________________

"Let's start slow. What is my end of the 'deal'?" I asked.

"Well, there is this dimension that no one can get into; it's called the Ceredum Dimension. It's heard to be a dimension of deep torture, sort of like Hell, but this dimension supposedly houses Hell. Can you imagine the power this dimension holds?" Eagen took a short pause and looked at me, "Sarine. I want you to get the key so that we could rule the dimension together."

"Hmm, sounds...pernicious and I like it. So here's your job - find the source for the key for me so that your precious Sarine can do what she's been born to." I said.

Eagen looked at me in shock and I laughed,"Did you really think I would do you a favor as grand as this?"

I caught Eagen looking at the weapon wall and I grew furious. I flew from the table to Eagen and grabbed his neck. I stood there tightening my grip, watching intently as his face changed color. When his face turned purple I loosened my grip. "Don't you dare try to hurt me, because I will just hurt you faster. Now Eagen," I began while letting go of his throat and backing up,"Are you going to abide with me or not because either way is fine."

Eagen nodded slowly while rubbing his neck.

"Good, now go." I said pointing to a black portal that formed in front of the door.

Once Eagen left I sat on the table, fiddling with a pen. I giggled because I felt the presence of my most reliable adherent.

"Please, come in." I said and a tall black figure leaked into the room.

"Alizer, how nice of you to stop by." I said.

The black figure changed into a tall man with black glasses and hair that was slicked back. I got off of the table, walked towards Alizer, and grabbed his tie. I began fiddling with it and then looked into his deep grey eyes. I stood on the tip of my toes and kissed him. I bit my bottom lip as I lowered back to ground and walked away to the tall window across the room, "I've missed you."

"Hmm, what's the plan on the Ceredum Dimension?" He said taking out a comb to flatten his black hair even more.

"Conquer and defeat baby." I said winking.

"Hmm..a good supernatural war, sounds amazing. Haven't seen or been in one of those in about a millenium." Alizer leaned back on the wall.

"It takes a lot though, you should know. We need an army and, of course, the key."

"I think I can get that." Alizer said and a million different thoughts began running through my head.

Number one ~ I wasn't playing this guy for nothing.

I put a smile on my face and a sparkle in my eyes. I made sure Alizer thought I was 'in love' with him.

Ha ha! Love. Love is for losers. Oh if only you could see me right now - I'm literally on the floor laughing, internally of course.

Externally, I was in front of Alizer staring into his eyes like a stupid little girl in love.

"So," I began, "wanna let me know how you can get it Alizer?" I said expecting no answer other than yes.

"I know a guy." He said and winked.

"Hmm well get it, and get it soon." I said.

Alizer walked to the portal and turned back around to face me. He blew me a kiss, I smiled, and he left.

"Yuck. That's disgusting, well I can dump his @ss as soon as I conquer and defeat." I said laughing to myself.


Sorry its so short. I'll try to make it longer next time.




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