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An awkward silence settled upon the two boys as they looked at each other, not knowing what to say. Jungkook intended for him to cease the ignorant act he usually put up, however in the moment he found his attempt to be civil to turn out absolutely futile. He couldn't help but shoot arrogant remarks towards Taehyung, even if he didn't exactly want to.

Examining the servant carefully, Jungkook couldn't quite believe how beautiful he was. It wasn't that the Prince hadn't noticed it before, yet being up close to him made everything extremely prominent.

"So," Jungkook said, breaking the tense silence. "What are you doing here this late?"

Taehyung only gawked at the Prince, swallowing the lump in his throat. Wiping his sweaty palms against his clothing, the servant boy lifted his gaze up to focus on Jungkook, his eyes scanning across the raven-haired man's facial features.

"I only just finished my chores," the elder mumbled back shyly, taken aback at the change of demeanour from Jungkook. Now, the Prince didn't seem to be radiating sheer rudeness which came to a surprise to the blue-haired boy.


Jungkook felt his throat going dry as he didn't know exactly what to say to Taehyung. He hadn't been one to be a good socialiser in the past since the Prince had only ever been able to converse with people equal to his own social status, which happened to only be his brother and no one else.

Taehyung realised the Prince wasn't showing any signs of moving the conversation forward, so instead he decided to open his mouth, wanting anything else but for the atmosphere to remain as tense as it was.

"Do you normally stay up this late?" Taehyung asked, although he immediately regretted his decision to boldly inquire about the Prince. He noticed the way Jungkook's expression formed one of slight surprise as the younger assumed Taehyung barely had a mouth of his own.

"No. I couldn't sleep," Jungkook responded, shrugging slightly. "Besides, I've had an eventful day, so I'm pretty riled up."

The servant boy nodded silently, knowing Jungkook was referencing to Jennie. He didn't know exactly how the Prince felt towards his mistress, but Taehyung was very much aware of his place and where he stood. Prying into their business was forbidden.

"With your permission, Sir," Taehyung spoke out after a few seconds, bowing politely to the Prince. "I should get some rest. I'm expected to wake up in three hours, so..." he trailed off, glancing over at Jungkook awkwardly.

Clearing his throat quickly, the Prince stepped towards the side, signalling for Taehyung to leave. He wasn't shocked to hear about the lack of sleep the boy would receive that night, since he was very much aware of how servants were treated. Yet, he felt differently when it applied to Taehyung. The Prince almost felt pity.

"Of course. You may leave," the royal permitted, maintaining an expressionless disposition. However, as he watched the blue-haired boy leave the kitchen, the Prince couldn't help the following words from leaving his mouth.

"Oh, Taehyung," Jungkook called out suddenly, noticing the way the servant immediately turned around to face the Prince.

"Yes, Sir?" he asked politely, expecting Jungkook to give him another order before he fell asleep.

"I prefer Jungkook."

Taehyung looked at the Prince in confusion, not understanding what he meant. Scrunching his brows in uncertainty, the servant made it obvious to Jungkook that he had not the faintest idea what the Prince was referring to, hence why the raven-haired man only gave him a small eye roll in return at his obliviousness.

"You may call me Jungkook."

And if Jungkook hadn't hurried out the kitchen in that very second, feeling far too embarrassed to be in the presence of the blue-haired boy any longer, he wouldn't have missed the way Taehyung's lips curved up into a small smile, as well as the image of his bronze cheeks flushing a faint shade of red at the Prince's words.

A/n: short chapter lmao bUt I've just come back from Paris so I'll be updating a couple times a day hopefully!! 🤩

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