BTS as Uncles

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Kim Namjoon- Intellectual uncle
The uncle everyone looks up to.
"When I grow up I want to be like namjoon uncle"
"Who told you about this stuff?
Oh it was uncle namjoon"
Also say bye bye to all difficult and boring school and college work. Because uncle Joon will help us. 🙈

Kim Seokjin- Worldwide funny uncle.
In every family there's this one uncle who loves to crack lame jokes but let's just accept it he is the one who keeps the fun alive in family.
"Come on uncle Jin this joke is not even funny"
"Oh? then why I see you trying to hide a laugh?"

Min Yoongi- Save me uncle.
I think yoongi will be a uncle who will be ready to save your ass anytime.
"Were you partying till late night?"
"No they were with me. We had a fun time together"
"Srsly kid be careful next time, how many times I will have to save you?" ❣

Jung Hoseok- Sunshine uncle
Hobi will be the most comfortable uncle. With whom you can literally share anything. Stuff which you couldn't even share with your family.
"Uncle hobi you know what happened at school today?"
"Tell me baby, I will cheer you up" 🌻🌞

Park Jimin- Shield Uncle.
Another uncle who is ready to save your ass from scoldings
"Don't you dare say anything bad to my baby"
"You are literally his uncle?"
"And? You better not say anything. Come on kid let's go to my house. We will have fun there" 🤗

Kim Taehyung- Shopping partner uncle.
The best shopping partner hands down.
"Uncle tae i have prom party this week and there's literally nothing to wear" 😞
"Oh no. Get ready we are going out to buy you a stunning dress and then we will have ice cream, sounds good?"

Jeon Jeongguk- Adventure uncle.
Whether it's online adventure or offline adventure. Uncle kook is going to be the best partner. 😍😍
"Where are we going uncle kook?"
"Oh you were getting bored so I planned a trek for us. Just you and me. It will be fun kid" 😎💪

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