Into the Past (Episode 11)

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1853, Komrolfgy Approval School, Alaska

The camera opens up inside one of the castle's very small rooms, where the walls were made of grey and cracking tiles. Although, the room had very vibrant colors, it still let off a gloomy and dim-lit appearance. Lining the tiled walls, were blue-flamed torches kept inside stone sconces. Directly in the center of the room was a very small table with only six people sitting around it, one of whom had a very silver beard and hair, while the rest all appeared to be young boys around the age of seventeen; they all had the same dark-green blazer and white shirt on. What was most curious about this blazer was the small, black drawing of a wizard that was imprinted on them. Resting on the table aside from their hands, were a tray of powdered candies; they looked like Turkish Delight and had a soft pink tone to them. It was a boy with sleek black hair and red eyes who spoke first:

Boy: Professor, I heard some news from Kassindrea Frazer that Professor Komrolfgy is dying. Is that true?

At once, the professor was taken aback by the demand of this question, but merely ignored it and replied to his question almost indefinitely.

Professor: I do not know the answer to that and even if I did, I am sure I wouldn't be allowed to tell. Plus, Ms. Frazer tells all sorts of gossip, most of which have been proven false.

This time, a curly-haired boy with broad shoulders who sat at the opposite end of the table to the Professor spoke:

Boy #2: I agree... Kassindrea is not the brightest anyway...

Boy: I see, thank you Professor and Merovingian-

Merovingian: Did you hear about Professor Lofty?

Boy: No?

Merovingian: Llama, how have you heard all the rumors and stories before half the teachers, but not know about Lofty?

Llama MacCarones' smiled sweetly, his expression was plainly blank as he read Merovingian up and down.

Llama MacCarones: I have my sources.

This time, a blonde-haired boy - who was ashen in the face and very pale - spoke over the intensity of Merovingian and Llama staring at each other, not breaking their glance. His voice was quiet but evidently confident.

Boy #3: Well, my father says that if he does die then it's rightfully so. Listening to Madam Kyphi Krakze, when we all know she loves half-magicals.

At this, all the other boys, except Llama, broke into laughter. Even the Professor who was flicking some of the sugar off the Turkish Delight, beamed slightly. Almost instantly, after the laughter died down, a small bell in a grandfather clock chimed. It was a little over midnight, and at this, most of the boys got up and filed out of the room; leaving the Professor with just Llama and another boy who looked strangely familiar.

Llama MacCarones: Professor Halmont, me and Nikos were wondering about something.

Professor Halmont: Yes?

Llama MacCarones: Well, it was actually Nikos who discovered it first.

Nikos looked shocked at these words, but before anyone could notice, looked down at his own shoes. They were both conveniently untied and he slowly bent low to re-tie them, in a decreasing pace

Llama MacCarones: It's about how if you enchant a person's most treasured item to acquire their power...

Professor Halmont: I'm sorry, m'boy?

Llama MacCarones: Well, he read that an ancient dark wizard did this and it was very difficult to defeat him. I wondered and wondered... but came to ask you about it.

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