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Darkness. Darkness was all that encompassed Y/N as he opened his groggy eyes. His body was still steaming from releasing his limiter that held his full power in. The only light in the entire void was his amber eyes that shone through the dark.

"Child...wake up." A echoey voice called out.

"Yes...wake up." A similarly echoey voice well...echoed.

"The hell?" Y/N sat up and cracked his back as he rubbed his eyes. "Who's there?"

"Turn around." The same voice from before called out. He did as he was told. As he turned around he was greeted by two separate entities. One clothed in darkness with two goat like horns protruding from its head. The other a man clothed in light with two antlers popping out of his head. Looking at them filled Y/N with an odd mixture of despair and hope.

"Who the hell are you two?" Y/N asked as he looked around. "And where are we?"

"Your mindscape currently." The dark one spoke up. "As for your first question, I am the God of Darkness."

"And I The God of Light."

"Together we are the beings that forged Remnant from the ground up." The God of Darkness spoke out. "However, the deals we have made in the past have not been kept."

"God's of Dark and Light?" Y/N held his head in his hands. "I've gone fucking crazy..."

"Worry not, you've not gone insane little one. You've merely been called upon by us. I understand that for humans it's a bit difficult to understand concepts such as our selves, but we've taken an interest in you." The God of Dark spoke. "You are the representation of what is wrong in this world."

"Wow. You flatter me. Good thing that two gods are insulting me in my head!" Y/N quipped back as he laid back down. "This is dumb. Put me back into the real world where I have the ability wallow in my self hatred."

"Fear not you will have your consciousness returned very soon. However, we have called you here to tell you a story." The God of Dark spoke up.

"Hold on. Before that, shouldn't you two be trying to kill each other? You know like dark vs light? Evil vs good? If I had to guess this dark dude was the one who caused the Grimm right?" Y/N said putting his hands behind his head as he kicked his legs up over one another.

"You're quite perceptive. However, we have rarely been at odds. We are brothers in spirit and in creation." The God of Light spoke up. "Our creations merely conflict with each other yet we mean no ill intent towards Remnant or each other."

"Right...because that makes sense." Y/N rolled his eyes. "So a deal right? The hell do you want from me? My long time love interest and potential wife was just killed and I got informed through a fucking phone call. Go ahead. Make my night even better."

"Do you wish to see it?" The God of Dark spoke up.


"Do you wish to see how she died?" The God of Light clarified.

"You're telling me you can show me?" Y/N rubbed his forehead. "This is from grief. It has to be."

"Open your eyes young one." The God of Light said as he placed a hand on Y/N's shoulder. "Is this a representation of grief?"

Y/N looked around to see the very same throne room Sienna always sat in as his eyes went wide. He saw the same guards and the same decor. Even the torn up rug that lead to her throne. Heavy footsteps were heard and the two giant doors opened as Sienna herself walked in.

"SIENNA!" Y/N ran forward and tried to hug her, but ended up phasing past her. "The fuck? Is this some sick joke?!"

"No...not a joke. Merely the past." The God of Dark spoke next to Y/N. "This is what transpired...the truth is not what it seems to be."

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