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"He's not my father."

That's the only thing that tore from Kaira's lips at the moment. She was certain about her father's demise. Her mother certainly didn't shy away from showing her the grave. And even then of all the people, Dalton being her father...

Sweat formed on her forehead as she laughed. "You must be mistaken. It''s not true."

As if the universe wanted to torture her, the man in question marched down the stairs with few of his members before slowing down when Keira stared at him in fear, the fear of Lex's words ringing true. Did they even share the same feature? 

She never looked at Dalton as she was looking now. She had dull brown eyes while he had the greenest eyes she had ever seen. Her natural brunette hair also was so different than his messy chestnut hair. And his was too sharp for her to match.

They looked nothing alike.

Some of her fear suppressed but Dalton already noticed the tension as he stopped abruptly before them. His voice showed the same confused frown he was wearing. "Is everything ok?"

Lex spoke up before she could. "Yes, master. We were discussing an important subject you have been dancing around for a year."

God, it's like his pale face paled even farther. Nodding his head towards his fellow members to leave without him, in a second the hall door closed shut behind them. Confined in the space, the three of them looked every bit of disoriented as Keira felt. When she was sure no one would say a word, Dalton broke the tensed silence.

"If you are implying what I think you are implying Alexei-" For once Dalton was the one with cutting remarks, his tone leaving more questions than answers. "Then I suggest you shut up before you ruin her sanity even more than you already did."

"Why?" Lex didn't leave a moment for anyone to breath. Keira could feel his tense body became more rigid. "So you could lie to my face once again? Tell me, master, what I heard that night between Keisha and you...was that a lie?"

Keira didn't know who to look at. Dalton, who look like wanted to kill Lex at that moment? Or Lex who was too eager to hear the truth from his master's mouth? She settled to break their stare with her own question.

"I deserve to know if you are my father."

Dalton recoiled.


It felt like whatever defense he was making against any accusation vapored right in front of their eyes. His shoulder slouched like the heaviness of the question left him drained. And like a wolf, Lex was right there to attack him farther.

"I heard what the bitch said. She said she was pregnant and apparently, you were the father." He lashed out, making Keira flinch. "All of it to save her from the sacrifice, you really want me to believe you don't have a kid with her somewhere if it's not Keira?" 

"You heard right." Dalton finally whispered.

Keira froze at the confession. Was she...

"Not you." As if he could feel her breath hitch he was quick to correct himself. "There was supposed to be a kid but the sacrifice...she lost too much blood. I couldn't save...I couldn't-"

This is what she wanted to hear, wasn't she? That she had no blood to share with Dalton. Then why was she left with a pang in her heart? A hollow pain that she wanted to scratch out before anyone of them noticed. Was it the fact that she could have a sibling out there besides her twin now? Before she could stand up to comfort Dalton Lex spoke up.

"You never told me."

The same pain that Keira had clenching her fists, laced his voice. Lex was hurt. "I asked you numerous times after I found you but y-you never once told me."

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