Chapter 25 - New Dawn

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Cold air hit and the sound of water raged. The therapeutic scent of rain was in the air. Eyes opened to a blur and closed back again. A groan followed and once again, the eyes opened. This time, they clearly saw the smile of Ruth. Her eyes twinkled in happiness while the wind blew against her whitish hair. Another smile joined in and it was of Alejandro.

"Good to see that you are finally awake, amigo." he mirthfully said to Matt.

Ruth hugged him and Matt chuckled softly at her. He lifted his numb hands and wrapped them around her waist. Fernanda looked over her shoulder and smiled at the couple. She tapped on Stephanie who was busy facing forward while she drove the speed boat. She followed Fernanda's gaze and winked at Matt.

"What's going on?" Matt dryly asked and cleared his throat.

"We are going out of this forest." Alejandro said to which Ruth kissed Matt's cheek. Alejandro raised his brow at Fernanda. "These two are so affectionate. We might have to jump out of the boat just so they get their privacy."

"Shut the fuck up Alejandro." Matt cockily grinned.

"Just get a room." Alejandro retorted to which Ruth and Stephanie giggled at.

"Oh, we will." Matt's lips met Ruth's in a slow and passionate kiss.

"Ai ya yai." Alejandro shook his head at them. He spotted someone from the other side of the bank. "Hey, guys, look, there's someone over there."

Ruth pulled away from Matt and glanced towards where everyone was looking. She gasped and set her hand on her chest. "Muriel," she said.

"What?" Matt raised a brow to her inquisitively.

"That's Muriel, a good friend of mine. She helped me a lot while I was trapped in the mansion." Ruth blurted out happily and shifted her eyes back to Muriel.

Muriel kept her eyes down and dragged her feet on the wet ground. From afar, it appeared as though she was deep in thought as she hugged herself. Ruth couldn't stop her tears at the sight of her. She was alive. Just like them, she survived it all.

"Why isn't she trying to get our attention? Call after her." Alejandro voiced out his thoughts to which Fernanda nodded her head in agreement.

"She is deaf." Ruth quickly explained.

"What?" Stephanie expressed her surprise. "Well that explains everything."

"Please, we just can't leave her here." Ruth said in almost a pout.

Alejandro groaned at his sore shoulder while he reached for the gun on his hip. He pointed it forward but Ruth was in the way. Matt pulled her away and Alejandro got a clear view. Stephanie stopped the boat and everyone waited for Alejandro to pull the trigger.

Muriel kept her head down and continued taking her time down to her road to the unknown. Alejandro narrowed his eyes at her approaching a mango tree. As expected, Muriel faced up to the mangoes. It was at that moment that Alejandro fired his gun. A mango exploded in Muriel's face and she fell down startled. With her hand on her beating heart, she dragged herself back in panic.

She frantically looked around only to see Ruth jumping up and down on a speed boat. Ruth shouted after Muriel whilst waving her hands around. Muriel covered her smile with both hands in surprise. She got up and ran towards the river to which Stephanie started the boat again. Muriel couldn't stop herself from laughing as she watched the boat turn to her.

As soon as she was on board, Ruth embraced her. They cried emotionally in each other's arms. Everyone watched them communicate happily in sign language. Ruth turned to Matt and motioned something to Muriel. Muriel nodded her head at Matt with a smile and motioned at him with her fingers.

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