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I hop on my hotel bed to examine my purchases. A new backpack, a DVD, a deluxe edition of Harry Potter and the goblet of fire and a pill case. Now that I have to take medicine daily, I need to keep the pills somewhere.

I let out a high pitched sound.

"Oh, great," says Dad, who is sitting at a desk with his eyes buried in his laptop.

"What?" asks Mom.

"The kind of patch that Dr. Mauro prescripted doesn't exist in our country. We'll get a few from here and that's it."

My mom nods and gets back to her research on the medication. Every time I have to take some sort of medicine, they have to look at all the ingredients, the side effects, all that. If that medication had a fatal flaw a hundred years ago, she needs to know.

"We should go if we want to catch a pharmacy open. It's already pretty late and I want us to leave early tomorrow," says Dad, closing his laptop.

"I don't wanna come.." I whine. I really want to read the book again and this day made me very tired. The only thing I would want to do is go shopping, but we've already been through that. Not gonna happen, especially cause we're in Milan, also known as VFE. Very Freakin Expensive

Dad gives Mom a questioning look and she nods.

"Fine. You can stay here. I'll leave you my phone in case of an emergency." She makes sure to emphasize the last word. "Don't use it for anything else."

I nod, thinking of how the second she walks out I'll log in to Instagram.

They leave after a few minutes and I am left alone with my thoughts, just the way I hate it.

I let out a high pitched sound. I let out a high pitched sound. I let out a high pitched sound.

I honestly feel bad for all the other people in the hotel.

There is a sound and I see my mom's laptop, still open, on her bed. I quickly shuffle over there, already thinking about the millions of accounts I need to check. But before I get to go incognito, I get a better look at the page my mom left open. It's about the side effects of the medication. Curious, I start to read. The normal ones are pretty common. Headaches, dizziness, throwing up... The lees common and rare section catches my attention. High fever, seizures, severe muscle stiffness, blurred vision, muscle spasm, loss of consciousness, suicidal thoughts.


I can't wait to start.

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