'Get off of me!'

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Darryl was just sitting in his room on his bed, then Zak walked in.
"Haaaaiii" Zak innocently said.
"Please don't forcibly kiss me again-" Darryl said, looking at Zak.
"As c'mon, you enjoyed it!" Zak said, smirking.
Darryl really didn't want to admit it, he just huffed and looked down at his phone.
He got a text message.
It was from Vincent.

"You and Zak aren't making out again while I'm trying to raid the fridge, are you?"

He texted back "nah, he probably wants to though."

While Darryl sent the text, Zak got in front of him and pulled Darryl's phone down, Darryl then looked up from his phone and noticed Zak was in front of him.

Their faces were very close.
Zak just gave Darryl a little kiss on the cheek and walked out.
Darryl didn't expect that.

A few minutes later, Darryl was sitting at the edge of his bed again, and Zak, again, walked in.
"Heeeey~ I'm ba~ck!~" Zak said, smiling.
Darryl knew he was up to something.
He was definitely up to something.

"Hey." Darryl said, scrolling though his phone.
Zak looked at Darryl "hey could you put down the phone?" He asked.
"I guess?" He turned around and put his phone on his night stand.

And before he knew it, he was pinned to the bed.
"S-should've saw this coming.." Darryl said.
It wasn't the best time, but Vincent just walked in.
"Hey guys-"
"Holy and unholy cinnamon pickle sandwiches what is happening in here" Vincent said, not even trying to process what he said.

"G-get off of me Zak!" Darryl really wanted Zak to get off of him, or did he?
"What do I get in return?" Zak asked, he wanted something, he wouldn't get off that easily and just for no reason.
"This is hopeless, Zak won't get off of me unless he gets what he wants." Darryl said, trying to get Zak off of him.

"What do you even want?" Vincent asked.
Zak smiled, "all the Love and kisses I can get!" He said Jokingly.

"If you really do, then we will just have to take things slow, alright?" Darryl replied with, with red cheeks.

"Wait, you're really thinking about getting together with Zak?" Vincent asked, looking kind of confused and happy at the same time.

Darryl then slightly tilted his head to the side so he wasn't directly facing Zak.
"I-i never said that!" Darryl got even redder when Vincent said that.

"Yes you diiiiidddd!~" Baguette- I mean Vincent squealed out.

"You did!" Zak said.
"Did. NOT!" Darryl snapped back at Zak, turning his head back to face him.
Zak chuckled, "You did, admit it!" He replied with.
"Hey Zak, are you ticklish?" Darryl asked.
"N-nooo...? Why are you asking?" Zak said, not wanting to truthfully answer.
"Let's see about that!" Darryl said, Zak knew, that he F--ked up.
Darryl started tickling Zak, who was already barely keeping his arms steady.
After about a few seconds of Zak almost dying of laughing, he just couldn't hold himself up anymore, so he fell on Darryl.
"N-nyAaHaaaAaHaAaA... S-sOTpPpP...!" Zak couldn't breathe from all the laughing.
"I..I-i wILl ThrEaThEn U w-WiTh KiSsEs!" Zak wheezed out.
"Sure you will." Darryl said, while ruffling with Zak's hair.
Zak was trying to breathe, he managed to do it.
Then he sat up, and then...

To be continued lol
Sorry for not much pictures lately, I'm a bit too lazy to draw, sorry my beanies, potatoes, pretties and lovelies!

I'll draw something next time, I promise!

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