sneaking out

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"C'mon Jazzy stop being such a bore~!" Yoselin whined as she flopped on her bed, "you know I can't go without you!".

I glare at her, "our ass will be the shade of a tomato if were caught!" I growled.

"If were caught" she slowly repeated my words with a smirk, "c'mon! It's a pool party with hot, shirtless dudes!"

I sprang up," hot, shirtless, pool? Where's our swimwear?" I asked pacing to the closet but halted, "but Yosie, what about dad?".

"Dad hardly checks up on us at night, who's to say he'll do today?" Yosline said nonchalantly "c'mon, its half eight the party already started half an hour ago" Yoselin snickered grabbing her phone a purse and and her 2 piece bathing suit.

I grabbed mine and followed her to the window and we both crawled out, running to the car that Yoselin owned we jumped inside, "get at the back and change" Yoselin ordered.

I obeyed stripping down and then tying on my bright pink laced bikini on, it was new but because of my fathers strict rules we were only allowed to wear a 1 piece with sleeves. Boy was that embarrassing...

I still remember getting spanked on the beach, because I was complaining about it. The sore memory made my wince.

Pulling up my skirt over my bikini and zipping up my hoodie I called my twin to tell her that I'm done.

Yosie makes a halt, "we're here, get in the house, I'll go change now" I nodded and scurried in the huge house, you could already feel the thumping of the earth as music pouded against it.

I skipped in the house and instantly it was flooded with shirtless dudes, I tried to stumble across the room but a hand gripped my shoulder and twirled me around, my face landed on their bare chest, looking up at the familiar face, "Evan Archer" a blush crept on my face.

"The one and only baby girl," he whispered, his hot breathe tickling my ear, he unzipped my hoodie and stared at my breasts but then at me, he grabbed something on the table behind him, I peered over curiously, he turned to me and gave me a red cup, "drink up, babe" was all he said and so I did.

I drank and drank.

And eventually, I was all over him, gripping his hair and roughly kissing him, sliding my tongue inside, we fought for dominance, Evan smirked and smacked my ass at which I gasped. Taking his chance, Evan was victorious in his battle.

My legs climbed on him and he supported me by holding my waist, he carried us into a nearby closet and closed the door, he sent soft kisses on my neck, trying to locate my sweet spot, I moaned loudly as his tongue attacked my special spot, he bit down on it and I moaned louder.

That was going to leave a mark.

He slid his hands down my bikini bottom and played with my vag, I moaned as I thrusted my hips, Suddenly the door slammed open and my eyes widened, my father also known as Elijah Mikaelson tore me off, anger evident in his eyes.

Scared I quickly grabbed my hoodie and zipped it on as well as slipping on my skirt.

I was drunk, but not dumb drunk. Can't say the same for Yoselin though...

"Fuck you, old man" I heard Yoselin scream from the pool area. Peeking over I saw my uncle Klaus grip her arm and she attempted biting him but he swiftly struck her neck making her unconscious.

My dad scolded me in the car, but I fell asleep soon after.


I groaned loudly clutching my head, "ugh my head hurts~!" I whined as I rolled around in my bed.

"Shut the fuck up! I drank more it feels like my heads gonna split!"

"Girls!" We hear a familiar voice yell and we both jumped at the sound, walking downatairs slowly we eyed the two men, our uncle Klaus, sipping a cup of tea whilst eyeing us a paddle lay in his hands, and my father gripping a belt anger clouded his eyes.

"Strip," at that command we both stripped off our clothes, "Yoselin, over my knee" uncle Klaus said.

"Jasmine, over the couch, you shouldn't have been doing such an act with a boy" my dad growled, "and both of you wore that disgusting slutty attire!"

We both hurried in out positions, embarrassed out of our minds.

Dad hoisted my ass in the ass as the belt struck down on my butt and I howled in pain, I could hear the paddle slam on Yoselins ass, atleast twice and her cry muffling mine.

The belt struck me again and again, our cries echoed around the empty house, as well as the painful strikes that were delivered to our rear end.


The same rhythm echoed along wuth our sobs, I scream and cried and even begged him to stop, but he never, my ass burned with each strike which was sent its way until it stopped, "corner, Jasmine" I nodded but another strike met my burning bum. "Do I have to remind you?" My fathers voice glowered.

With a shaky voice I yelled, "No sir! Thank you for the spanking, sir!" My dad nodded.

"Now corner, and think about how disappointed in you I am" he said sternly, I flinched at how fast but long and hard Yoselins spanking was. Uncle Klaus gave her ass no mercy as he removed her underwear and was also slapping her inner thighs causeing her whole back side to lool blotched

Never am I sneaking out again...

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