20. I don't care

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Crying is not a solution, neither pondering over the past is. The solution is, to stop looking at the problem and focus on the solution. Solution is to get up and try hard to achieve what you want. Solution is to go and face the storm, either you’ll die, or you’ll survive and see the sun shining upon you.

His dadi’s words sounded too philosophical and unrealistic when she had said these to him once in his childhood. May be this was the moment she had said those words for. All he had to do was to focus on what he was doing and for what purpose. Difficult it will be to suppress the feelings of hurt when she would ignore him, treat him with cold silence and won’t listen to him at all, but that could be tolerated until she was fine and she’s able to forget the terrible past.

Anika wiped her tears away with the back of her hand rather harshly and stormed towards canteen. She could stay on the road, satisfy her hunger with air but she wasn’t ready to work here in his office. She spotted Mrs. Leena and took in a deep breathe.

“I’m resigning from this job, Mrs. Leena. I can’t work here.” Anika’s words created a havoc in the lady’s insides. The thought of the possible reason for Anika to decide to leave the job didn’t cross her mind at all. All she thought about, was the contract whose clauses were ringing in her mind like an alarm clock with a missing snooze button.

“Why do you want to leave ? Everything’s alright, you’re getting a good salary, I’ve paid you one month’s salary in advance. Then what’s the problem ?” Anika looked at the worried lady. She had expected her to burst out in anger but why was she so worried ?

“I understand your concern, I will return the salary today itself, but I can’t d this job. Not in this office atleast.” Anika gave away a little clue of her reason to Mrs. Leena. She won’t be able to find out the whole matter but may be she would let her go.

“What’s the problem with this office ? This is the best company in India, this office has everything one needs to be comfortable. Then what’s your problem ?” Mrs. Leena was getting anxious with each passing second. Anika sensed it but her own problem was bigger to deal with. She didn’t answer that question but stayed stuck to her decision.

“If you’ll leave the job then I’ll lose the canteen contract. Mr. Oberoi asked me to sign a contract two days ago. In that contract it was mentioned that if any of my employs would leave the job then I’ll have to lose this contract.” Mrs. Leena explained her situation to Anika. If there was someone else she wouldn’t have explained because no one would’ve cared. No one cares for others, every person is selfish. But something in her told her that may be Anika could understand. She herself was being selfish, she knew.

Anika didn’t argue further and taking it as a positive sign, Mrs. Leena hugged her tightly, blessing her as much as she could and left from there to the other canteen.

Anika returned to the food counter and settled on an easy chairs just behind it, that was the only option. The beast had already decided what he wanted. She was hurt a few minutes ago but after this revelation her hurt was turned into immense anger. She couldn’t believe someone could make so many mistakes repeatedly.

It was crystal clear that the contract was an indirect way to stop her from leaving this job. Because as far as she knows, Mrs. Leena was running this canteen from last five years. Why did he ask her to sign a contract with such a ridiculous clause mere two days ago ? Simply because she joined two days ago.

“Is he scrutinising her ?”

“Does he still have a doubt on her character ?”

“Does he still want his so called revenge ?”

“Does he want to torture and humiliate her infront of the outsiders now ?”

All of these questions hovered her mind and she sat there with her face hidden in her palms, her elbows resting on her knees. She didn’t notice that she was literally being observed by someone. Only when she heard someone clear his throat that she looked up to see the beast was there. But this time he couldn’t scare her, and if he did, she won’t show it to him. She would try to be brave and if she failed then putting a mask of bravery was a good option. He used to call her a good actress anyway.

His arms across his chest and that smirk on his handsome face was what she hated more than anything else. She thought he was smirking at his victory, and that’s why she wanted to prove him wrong. It was a temporary win. She wasn’t going to give up this time.

Contrary to her perception of this victory smile, Shivaay was smirking because he had actually expected that she won’t leave the job if it was causing a problem for someone else. His ‘Sweebit’ was too good to do that. Oh ! Sweebit means sweet plus rabbit.

“How may I help you, SIR ?” Asked Anika, with an extra sugary-sweety voice and  smiled as if she had been doing this for years and years now. His widened blue eyes expressed it clearly that he was not expecting this reaction. He had expected a loud scream, a slap, silence, or even a frying pan coming flying towards him, but what he recieved was this sugar laden “How may I help you, SIR ?” he mentally mimicked Anika and that’s when he realised she actually called him Sir. He looked at her for a minute to make sure she was actually being sarcastic or there was someone else because of whom she was pretending.

“You’re trying to be brave ? Good.” He said and smiled, but Anika’s fake smile vanished and she looked at him sharply. “Yes, I’m trying, because someone had told me that I act really well.” That answer was enough to shut him up. These lines were told by him.

Ok. The progress was good. He wanted her to say something. Anything she wanted, even if that hurt him. He had opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out. She had, as if, paralysed him. This dose of making a fool of himself was enough for the day.

“Today isn’t your day, Shivaay. Go and practice and come tomorrow.” He thought as he turned around to leave the canteen, making her sigh in relief. But then all of a sudden he turned to face her and looked at her rubbing her forhead with a tissue paper to wipe out the sweat.

“What happened ? Is it getting difficult for you to hold your feelings ?” Shivaay rested his elbows and the counter, his palms supporting his chin. Anika looked at him so fiercely that he thought to step back. But he did not, because he was so close to his goal. A bit of push and then boom ! She will shout at him.

The balloon of his happy happy thoughts was burst by Anika who inhaled deeply and than sighed noisily, with her eyes closed. When she opened her eyes she was as calm as her plants.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, SIR. If you want something then please tell me, I’ve some work to finish and it will be very helpful if you excuse me.” Anika said in a calm voice, not giving a hint of even one percent of her feelings.

“You don’t have to pretend, If you feel like killing me you can say it openly. I won’t mind it at all.” Shivaay said as if it was cakewalk. She was not going to let him win so easily. Not at all. May be he was guilty and was trying to reduce his guilt with these tactics. But she wanted to stay silent and let him suffer. She don’t know how she got such evil ideas in her head, she just wanted it. But not at any cost was she going to admit it to herself that she wanted to take this teeny weeny revenge on him.

“What are you saying, SIR ? Why would I feel like killing you ?” Anika feigned innocence and that was driving him crazy. She was being a devil but he wanted to play with this devil unless she does what he wants.

“You know the reason, Anika. Please speak up.” This time his tone was serious, he wasn’t joking.

“I know the reason. But I don’t care anymore.” This time Anika too, was serious and her tone and the expressions in her face held that finality in them that the conversation was over.

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