Chapter 6

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Day after day passed.

Mitsuki had always been sticking close. After class, he stayed back for a while more, while I went to get lunch. I went to the school canteen, where I could tell that everyone was avoiding me.

News spreads like wildfire, after all.

And she appeared herself, personally.

The student council president, Elise.

Her first response was to hiss, "How's life as a thief?"

I gave a clueless look.

"I'm afraid I don't get what you mean. "

Even so, I backed up, and the students began to scatter.

"Don't pretend, [Y/N]. "

"I honestly don't know."

She took two steps forward, I moved 4 steps back.

I knew she was hiding a weapon somewhere. Yet somehow something was telling me that it would be fine.

A teacher was approaching, and she could feel it.

Suddenly, she lunged forward and grabbed my arm, smiling, then asked, "[Y/N]! Could you follow me somewhere, just for a moment? "

And she dragged me off to a more secluded corner of the school, at the 5th floor staircase.

"I really don't know what you want, Elise."

"Stop lying through your teeth. You're so smart, huh, taking my place in first class, then taking Mitsuki away."

"Huh, I never recalled stealing away a position in the first class, or constantly chasing after Mitsuki and sticking to him. Honestly, Elise, you must have gotten the wrong person. "

She was gritting her teeth, glaring at me, with the fires of hell burning in her eyes.

That's when I noticed the brass knuckles.


"Maybe if I punched your teeth out you'd answer truthfully."

And with that, I saw the glint of metal in the sunlight behind and covered my face with my bare hands, preparing to get a few spikes into my palms-

"Hey, hey! Leave her be, Elise. "

It was the head of student welfare in the student council.

Oh, don't worry about her, she'll be fine! I was never intending to hurt her, just a little reminder!"

That's when I recognised those eyes. And that hair, blond, hiding a familiar shade of pink.

"As head of welfare, I just want to do my job, yeah?"

His tone was so lighthearted, so joking, I couldn't have told if he was being serious or he was indeed telling a joke.

Elise nodded, giving her usual fake smile, and walked off, but suddenly turned. She threw herself at me as a last attempt, fist raised, the metal drawing closer. Hiyori rushed down the steps, pulling Elise far away from me.

A small square of a barrier, of a reddish tint had appeared just a few centimetres away from me, just as the brass nearly grazed me.

Hiyori seemed a little shocked, but confronted Elise first.

"I've never seen you so enraged, Elise! What happened, I don't know, but it certainly wouldn't give this school a good rep if a student walked out looking as if she was in a fight!"

"I was just going to give her a warning, nothing more. Don't worry!"

And she turned, finally leaving the scene.
The blonde turned toward me, smiling.

"I suppose I needn't have rescued you, [Y/N]! Mitsuki sent me and the others in the band to watch over you, but he had it all covered with that elite spell. Elise would've been scared off from suddenly being flung backward. Maybe suffered a concussion, actually. "

I was slightly stunned.



"I never realised you were the head of student welfare."

He chuckled, then waved goodbye before leaving.

What in the world just happened?

When I returned to the canteen, everyone was looking at me, as if to see what damage had been done. All I did was smile. Elise was nowhere to be seen. The canteen broke into hushed whispers.

I grabbed a cup of coffee and some waffles before turning and nearly crashing into Mitsuki.

The entire canteen was watching. Their conversations quietened ever so slightly.

"See you tomorrow, [Y/N]."

"See you, Mitsuki."

Then I hurried off to devour both the disgusting caffeine drink and the dense waffles before changing into the dance uniform, then dashing off to rehearsals.

[Mitsuki's POV]

Elise was honestly getting on my nerves. I had told her politely the other day that I wanted to just remain 'friends', and she got upset.

Upset? No- outraged.

Elise was doing anything at all to ruin [Y/N]'s life and I wasn't going to let that happen.

I had someone constantly on watch whenever [Y/N] was out of her house, just as an extra precaution.

Not that it was needed. I knew what my spells could do. Anything coming her way with the possibility or intent of harm would've been flung back, and possibly burnt.

I made my way down to the cafeteria, meeting [Y/N] just by coincidence. How I wanted to just take her away.

It would be so much easier, yet, it definitely wouldn't be what she wanted.

She would have hated me for it.

So I watched her retreating figure as she ran off to her rehearsal, before catching up with the other 4 of the band members and heading home.

There, Hiyori brought up something of concern.

"Mitsuki... the coronation is in a few weeks time..."

"Yes? "

"And one of the criteria for anyone to marry into the royal bloodline is that they must also be Ayakashi?"

I froze in my tracks.

Mahiro decided to contribute.
"She's got several dance practices this week and next. The transition process takes quite a long time, too. And her performance is next month."

Junji added on.
"You know she needs time to learn the basics to magic and adjust to life on the Other Side."

"And I only have 2 weeks to make a miracle happen... "

Takemasa decided to be the helpful one, asking," Who's free on the weekend?"

Everyone stared at Mahiro.

I could positively feel the spark in my eyes.

The vocalist looked away, almost in fear and hope that he wouldn't be picked, but I saw him as my one beacon of hope.

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