The Night at the House of Cards

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Han Qin Xi was her identity that the body was tied to and Chu Feng was the identity of her soul. Both have different lives. While Han Qin Xi was a daughter of the Han Clan whose not good at anything except having good looks, Chu Feng was the owner of the only flower shop in Nian City. She felt most free when she was Chu Feng and could freely use her flower maiden form.

"How about investigating it?" Chu Feng asked.

Lou Siying wasn't dumb. He knew Chu Feng was lying to him. Who would go so far to know about their idol's death? And besides, Patriarch Han was an old man. Suddenly, he thought of something and asked, "Are you his lover?"

"Ah?" Chu Feng was dumbfounded. How did Lou Siying think if that? Mei Lien tried to hold in her laughter as much as she could but still made sounds. Mingyu, on the other hand, put up his guard against Lou Siying. The man gave him an uncomfortable feeling.

"Dear customer, don't mistaken me. I'm just curious. As a commoner, I've always heard about Patriarch Han's achievements and his glory. I'm just interested in how he died." Chu Feng tried to explain as thoroughly as she could to Lou Siying so he wouldn't mistaken her words again. She continued, "My curiosity has brought me to finding this letter. Since you have a reputation of coming to the House of Cards a lot, you should know a thing or two about Patriarch Han's death."

Lou Siying made eye contact with Chu Feng. He still didn't believe Chu Feng one bit. Does he (CF) take him (LS) as a fool? Fine, for whatever reason that person have, he'll eventually find out later.

"Being in this line of business for years, I do know of someone who has a long history with the Patriarch of the Han Clan. Her name's Fei Wanting. She's an old lover of his, I heard."

When Lou Siying said 'lover' he looked at Chu Feng in the eye. Chu Feng reacted to what was said. His guess from earlier must have been right. That meant that the owner of the flower shop swings that way. He must be careful.

In truth, Chu Feng only moved because Lou Siying suddenly made eye contact with, making her a little startle. She knew for sure that Lou Siying still believed that she was a "lover" of Patriarch Han.

"Fei Wanting?" Chu Feng questioned. This name was familiar. Last time when she went out to eat with Ming Shu, Ming Shu had mentioned that a dancer went by the name of Fei Hong. Could they possibly be related? Well, Lou Nan and Lou Siying had the same surnames but they weren't related at all. Coincidence?

"Fei Wanting works here as one of the top prostitutes. It could be one of her work. She has made several of her clients kill others before for her. Before she came here, it was said that she was pregnant with Patriarch Han's child but she lost it due to Patriarch Han's concubine." Lou Siying summarized what he knew while still focusing on Chu Feng's reactions to what he was saying.

Lost? Meaning dead or could it still be alive then?

"How can I meet her?" Chu Feng asked seriously.

"Down there." Lou Siying pointed at the stage. "A show will be starting any minute now. You'll see her. But she picks who she wants to see and spend the night with. The only way to talk to her is to catch her attention."

Hearing what Lou Siying said, Chu Feng thought of something and said her goodbyes to her dear customer.

"Young Master Chu," Mei Lien called. She knew that her master was going to do something reckless.

"Don't worry," Chu Feng assured. Though her assurance was rejected by both Mingyu and Mei Lien, they both could not stop Chu Feng from doing what she wanted. They could only support her and made sure she won't get harmed.

"Have fun around here and wait for me," Chu Feng said and left.

What could they do in a brothel? How can they have fun too? Mingyu looked like he was ready to kill anyone who was within five feet. All the girls and men were scared away. Also, he was only still a child who hasn't hit puberty yet (though his body looked mature) and she was just barely in her teenage years. Well, in this place, age didn't matter. Mei Lien could see the bunch of children playing with daggers and wooden swords running around this place.

Chu Feng left to the place where most people gathered around -the stage. She came at the time where the prostitutes were introducing themselves and showing off their talents, trying to attract customers.

Not long after, Fei Wanting came. She danced a seductive dance that she learned from when she entered the brothel. While dancing, she met someone's mesmerizing green eyes and seductively smiled at him.

To Chu Feng's surprise, Fei Wanting was not an old grandma but a pretty young middle aged woman. Her wrinkles did not show much and her skin looked flawless. Patriarch Han was only in his early seventies when he died. So, just how did the two meet?

When Fei Wanting finished dancing, she was to pick a partner for the night. Of course, she picked someone rich and packed.

"Wait!" Chu Feng called out. This was a chance to talk to her. She couldn't miss it.

"Yes, sire?" Fei Wanting smiled seductively. They called every one of their clients "sire" no matter their gender or who they were or what status they had. Riches determines everything. This place was part of the black market and was not bound by the laws of the empire.

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