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Living in foster care, I have never known a stable home

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Living in foster care, I have never known a stable home.

It was more like a hotel than a place to call my own.

I never had a mom or dad to tell me 'goodnight' or wake up in the morning to a sit down breakfast.

If I needed help on homework, I had to wait to ask the teacher the next day.

My birthdays were always bare and lonely.

Soccer games and dance recitals were watched by strangers, without a single photo taken.

I was a guest here, and that was all I would ever be.

Rain splatted the window, beads of water racing down the glass before dropping onto the grass below.

My legs were securely tucked under me, the squeaking of the fan becoming increasing annoying by the moment.

I was sitting on my perfectly made bed, a pencil in one hand and the other placed below my chin.

Even though my history assignment was due bright and early the next morning; my attention was elsewhere.

The house was too loud to do any actual homework in, anyway.

My foster parents adopted four young boys, and it was never peaceful around here.

I was lucky enough to get my own room, so I couldn't complain.

Even if it was the size of a closet; it was mine.

Boxes littered the room, despite living here for almost six months.

I had learned a long time ago to leave my belongings in the boxes, because I would have to pack up and move the very day I unpacked them.

It was a weird way of living, but it wasn't like I ever had company over and it helped to keep the boys out of my stuff.

I swallow harshly at the brown moving boxes, wondering when the next time I'll have to move.

"Hey, Emerson. Todd and I are going out for a while and we're dropping the boys off at their grandparents." Maria calls through my door, making me flicker my eyes to the wooden barrier between us. 

Maria and Todd were very friendly and welcoming, but we both knew this was short-term and we purposefully kept our distance from each other.

"Okay." I call back to her, listening as her footsteps disappear down the hallway.

I was used to being alone, as they went out often. 

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