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the sun was beating down on me making me sweat something fierce. i'd never really been so embarrassed in my entire life.

i've never been so embarrassed that i could physically feel myself die inside, the only thing i could do, really; was run away from the area, and that's exactly what i did. i ran, that didn't last all that long if I'm really honest but i did for awhile. then i found myself at the empty lot where the willow tree leaves brushing against one another filled up the silence.

i never really understood why people could just run until they got to their "special place" without even thinking about it, and now i guess you could say i do.

i really hate high school, now more than i ever did. i mean parties, i always assumed they were stupid night bashes that would always end up in the police showing up. but this party seemed to be different from what i had heard.

noah grace; a girl with long black hair and barely there parents. her parties were different, day time shit that wouldn't involve alcohol or weed, or sex, it was just us "hanging out". well, at least that's what everyone is told.

so when noah grace decided to invite me to her party, and based on what i had heard about them to say i was sold on it right away is more than fair. in fact, i was excited, actually excited to possibly make new friends.

well, that didn't happen i can tell you that.

this kid, (who my friends all say is just "drop dead gorgeous") wyatt was there. i've talked to him a few times but not enough to get a grasp on him, he was the only person i knew there. so naturally, i talked to him and we hung out.

apparently noah grace didn't like that all that much.
she seemed to have "dibs" on wyatt which disgusted me already. it really sucked too, because i really thought she was a genuine down to earth kind of girl, i guess those kinds of girls stopped coming through awhile ago.

she had a lot of dirt on me, which didn't hurt me but made me wonder if she was into some creepy stalker shit. but, the way she just outed my business hurt, it really put me in a place i didn't even know i had sunk to.

i mean, it's 2019. two thousand and fucking nineteen, yet i can't seem to live in peace. i never, and i really do mean never told anyone that i liked boys and girls much less called myself bisexual.

that label scares me, i mean i don't necessarily like labels. how she even knew that i don't know, all i know is that rumors spread like wildfire and i know the second i get home my mom will be bombarding me with questions about my sexuality that not even god himself could begin to answer.

so, here i sat. in the back of a broken down strawberry pickup truck sweating and panicking. also mad, not at noah grace but, at myself. mad that i didn't just own it and instead ran off, but i think this approach for now is safer. and, hopefully people will keep their distance from noah grace, for a little while at least.

i brought my knees to my chest and rested my chin on them. i closed my eyes and felt them burn from being so dry, i sighed lowly.


i felt myself freeze upon hearing a voice, one that i didn't really try to recognize.

"y/n..are you okay?"

i looked up and opened my eyes, i felt like i just had ran into a brick wall when i saw that it was wyatt, of all the people in the world.

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