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You exit the lab, giving Senku a small wave as you make your way back to the treehouse. The sun was still high up in the sky which means Senku would be busy with his work for several more hours, so in the meantime, you busy yourself with small projects that had been laying around. While working an a basket you had been weaving out of sticks, your mind wandered to thoughts about Senku, a huge smile appearing on your face as you think about him, the way he looked when he came out of the water down at the beach, his wet hair falling down to his shoulders, the beautiful colour of his eyes that you loved to stare into, his brilliant mind that never fails to amaze and confuse you, as far as you were concerned he was perfect. You work quickly and soon Senku walks in surprising you while your finishing one of your baskets.

"Your back early. Finished your work so soon?" you stay getting up from your spot on the floor.

You walk towards him with your arms out expecting a hug, but instead, he quickly grabs one of your arms with his and slithers his other arm around to your lower back, he pulls you closer him and smashed his lips onto yours, kissing you passionately. Pulling back to breathe you look up at Senku slightly surprised.

"I didn't get even a millimetre of work done today because someone came in and got me all fired up and then left as if nothing happened."

"My mind was so distracted I couldn't focus on anything." he looks at you smiling evilly, his eyes filled with lust.

You decide to play dumb, after all, you had no idea your little games had affected him this much "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh? Should I jog your memory?" he says, his voice deep and sensual.

He quickly slides your hair over your shoulder and latches onto your neck leaving little love bites all over he eventually stops just above your collarbone and nibbles on one spot leaving a dark purple mark. Your back is pushed up against the wall and you feel your self heating up. He pulls away from your neck to admire what he had done, then quickly goes back to kissing you. With Senkus body pressed against yours pining you to the wall, you could feel him getting aroused as he fiddles with the bottom of your shirt.

You were incredibly turned on, it was like he had done a complete 180 from this morning but before you can go any further he slowly pulls away and steps back looking at you. His previously lust-filled eyes were now looking at you lovingly and his devilish smirk was replaced with a kind smile.

"Kukuku someones thirsty, that's what you get for disturbing my work." Senku teases.

"S-shut up!" you blush.

"Aw y/n you know I love you, come here." Senku brings you into a big hug.

You sit there in his arms listening to his heartbeat in his chest, just as you are about to fall asleep Senku laughs sending vibrations from his chest into your body waking you up.

"What's so funny?"

"Oh nothing I just noticed your neck, why did you let me do that?"

He leans in close to your face his evil grin coming back "Now I'm one billion percent sure that you must have liked it."

You scream and jump out of his arms covering your neck with one hand and punching him with the other, your face bright red with embarrassment.


Senku leans back his arms folded behind his head as he sighs "kukuku I sure did."

Your face only gets redder as you scream again "I'm dead! I've literally died, and it's your fault!!"

authors note

sorry this chapters so short. hope this quenched some of the thirst for Senku even if nothing happens(its coming yall I swear I just need to get more comfortable with writing that type of stuff other wise its gonna come out awkward and forced).

also we are almost at 15k reads so thanks for that this is my first time writing fanfic so I'm so happy people are liking it.

I have not been answering comments as much as I would like to but I promise I read them all its literally the highlight of my day.

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