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Kentrell Desean Gaulden

"what the fuck Ima do with her, she won't listen mane" I said spinning around in a rolling chair looking at Montana

"you whooped and punished her and she still ain't learn. Honestly I don't know, yb" he said

I don't know is not a fucking answer

I feel like I failed at being a fucking father

"Montana" I said looking at him and he just shrugged.

"you think it got something to do with her momma?" he asked and I scrunched my face up

"Kamrynn don't give no fucks bout her momma, she can careless. She don't even like to speak on her" I explained to him

"Why she don't like to speak on her?"

"she hate that bitch, you can't say nothing bout her momma round her. If you wanna talk about her momma you gotta go somewhere else. She don't even like to see her ass"

"well I don't know what to tell you, you just gone have to talk to her. Y'all gotta have a daddy daughter talk cause if not you ain't gone ever know" he suggested and I nodded

"Kamrynn just do what she wanna do cause that's what she wanna do. It's no reason behind it, I know my child. Ima still talk to her though"

"you should know your child" he said, I stood up grabbing my keys

"I'm finna go home, I got shit to do anyway" I Said dapping him up

I left out the studio and got in my car pulling off . Once I made it home home I sat my keys on the counter

I took my shoes off by the stairs before going up. I walked into Kamrynn room seeing she was in the bathroom doing something to her hair

"you tryna burn my house down?" I asked watching as she ran whatever it was down her hair

"no" she simply said

"oh well turn that off and let me talk to you" I said and she sighed

how the fuck she irritated already and I just got here?

I see where this finna go

she walked out the bathroom and sat on her bed and I leaned on the dresser

"why you do the shit that you do, what you gain from not listening to me?" I asked not beating around the bush

It ain't no other way to put it

she shrugged and I shook my head

"I do it cause that's what I be wanting to do, I don't have no reason. I don't gain nothing from it"

"but a ass whooping, you 16 , you shouldn't still be getting whoopings"

"I know"

"what happened to my lit' girl?" I really wanna know cause I feel it's my fault "you use to be innocent and you was daddies little girl"

"I still am, I just grew up" she said and I shook my head no

"yeah that's true, but you grew to fast. You sixteen trapped in a twenty one year old body. Start acting yo' age, Nyah and Draco looking up to you. Set a example" I said and she nodded

will this talk help or is it going out the other ear?

"Can I get a hug, youn even hug me no more" she slowly got up and hugged me

the hug lasted for about ten seconds

"I love you" she softly said

" I love you too, Kamrynn"

Kamrynn Michelle Dior Gaulden

"you fine as hell" I said touching this boy cheek, he smiled showing his white teeth

"thank you" he said

"And yo' voice sexy as fuck" he started laughing "nigga I'm serious"

"I'm mad you ain't got yo' phone cause I was gone tell you to text me" he said and I rolled my eyes

"I'm finna get a phone, but nigga what's yo' name?"

"Jayden" I squealed and he started laughing

"yo' name Jayden, I like niggas who name start with a J. You darkskin , you can have me. You know I'm single right?"

He raised a eyebrow looking surprised

"For real, you gone let me fuck with you?" He asked and I nodded

my cheating ass, I ain't nowhere near single. When Cierra find out I will be

I sat on his lap and he looked shocked

"you thick as fuck" I laughed and stood back up

"i know" I grabbed his hand and pulled him up out his chair

"Where we going?" He asked as we walked out the gym and outside of the school

I leaned against the brick wall as he just stood there smiling

"why you smiling so hard?" I asked laughing a little

"Cause you just so seductive" he said coming closer to me

"Aww thank you" it got silent and next thing I knew I was kissing this nigga

He pulled away and smiled at me causing me to cover my face

"stop looking at me like that cause you making me nervous. Fine niggas make me nervous" I said and he laughed

"Nah you tripping, you ain't gotta be nervous round me ma. I ain't nobody special"

lordt what did I get myself into


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